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  1. PkHex works mostly perfectly (another thanks) but the give all decorations button seems to have a bug where it will not give me all Secret Base Decorations for my Pokemon Omega Ruby save file. It is the button in the trainer data menu, I think. Everything else edits the way I want it to. Where is the bug report submission on this site?
  2. So I actually gave in and installed CFW and I'm glad I did. Now I can modify any save file I want and duplicate my games to my console with GodMode9! Thank you all so much!
  3. Firstly, thank you so much for creating PkHex! I really love it, and it's helped a lot with rebuilding an improved but otherwise exact replica of my Pokemon Platinum save file! I do need help however with making 3ds saves usable with PKhex when transferred to my computer via R4i save dongle. I want to extract various Pokemon data from my Ultra Moon file and take my Crystal Pokemon from my emulator to Ultra Moon (I wish I could have bought real VC Crystal but... Money shortage). Can someone guide me on how to do this? (Please avoid custom 3ds firmware; I cannot risk bricking my 3ds)
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