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  1. A story that has a small possibility of being expanded on and I would consider a prologue, I present to you my first ever hack. This is a story of a human turned Pokemon found on the beach by a team. While that team is out of town helping him get back to his world, the human stays back in town and another Pokemon begins to see the human as someone they can bond with.

    This hack demo has no dungeons and is roughly 13-18 minutes, varies based on how fast of a reader you are. Story is subject to change in time as this becomes more of a game than a short story. No set release.

    176940147_Screenshot2021-05-26204822.png.2c0a3adb9edad5365593470697be806c.png132631478_Screenshot2021-05-26205214.png.2632217d64cd68532d5545a3eceb6751.png1023083987_Screenshot2021-05-26205325.png.af565764f3323ab88afbfb3bc5f07777.pngPMD Distant Connection Prologue.xdelta

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