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  1. Yes... I am completely blocked. I can't traded or separate them.

    I am looking for a solution and I think the only way to be successful is to buy a Switch v.1, transfert my account on this Switch, hack it and then clean my game with PkHex... A bit expensive for a pokemon box ^^' (Or maybe one day we will have access to it with patched consoles...)

  2. Hello everyone !

    I open this topic because I encounter a stupid problem.
    I explain: yesterday I cloned some Shadow Rider Calyrex to save time for clone all 2 in 1 Calyrex and Spectrier  (with bug egg at the pension).
    But, now I have these Shadow Rider Calyrex without being able to dissolve them. I can't send them, release them, put them on the PokeHOME... And if I separate Calyrex and Spectrier, I can just merge them again but not separate others couples.

    I cannot hack my Switch and use PkHex because it is patched, but I would have liked to know if there is a solution so that I can separate or erase these pokemon. Or recover my backup, send it to someone who can edit it or something like that... I don't know...

    Thanks for your future answers (and sorry if you did not understand, I can try to explain better, English is not my mother tongue).

    Thanks so much !

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