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  1. Eevees caught in the Pokéwalker are being flagged as Illegal if they are evolved before being transferred. I was transferring some Pokéwalker Pokémon from SoulSilver to Black, but my Leafeon was marked as illegal. I loaded the SS save into PKHeX, and the Leafeon is considered legal in SS; it is only flagged in Gen 5 and above with, "Encounter Type PID mismatch" and, "Encounter Type does not match Encounter." So I restored a previous version of my save that had the original Eevee before I traded it to Platinum and evolved and transferred it to Black, and it is marked as legal in both Black and SS. If I change the Eevee to a Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, or Glaceon in the Black save using PKHeX and increase it's level from 10 to 11 then it is not flagged. I have included both a pk4 and pk5 file of the Eevee and Leafeon affected and an editied Umbreon that is considered legal. Changes made to the Umbreon: 1. Species changed from Eevee to Umbreon. 2. Level Changed from 10 to 11. No changes were made to the other Pokémon. Just a drag and drop into a folder from the respective saves. 133 - EEVEE - 85B16900004C.pk4 133 - EEVEE - DF246900004C.pk5 197 - Umbreon - CC1D6900004C.pk5 470 - Leafeon - 7DD16900004C.pk4 470 - Leafeon - D2536900004C.pk5
  2. PKHeX is flagging my Colosseum starters as illegal. I just used EonTimer and the GameCube RNG assistant to get the attached Umbreon and Espeon, but its flagging them with the error, "Invalid: Unable to match encounter conditions to a possible RNG frame." Conditions: Starter Level Met: Espeon, 25; Umbreon, 27 Changes: None 197 - UMBREON - F7ED62A7661F.ck3 196 - ESPEON - 534B1E7564DA.ck3
  3. Version 1.0.0


    All Pokemon are holding their respective orbs, have 31 IVs, and are shiny. Dialga and Giratina have Modest natures; Palkia has a Timid nature. All at level 1. TID = 19847, SID = 56246. .pk4 format
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