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  1. Hello, I have a dumb question about the moved pokemons from previous version to SW/SH.

    Do Gen 6 (ORAS) pokemons still have their OT memories even after they moved to Gen 8 using pokemon bank and home?

    Bc I've known that Gen 7 pokemons have not any OT memories(maybe wiped?) when they moved to Gen 8 using pokemon home.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi, some of my Alolan region form mons(transferred from the US/UM to SW/SH) in beast ball are illegal on the latest version(20201024), were legal in the previous versions.

    Looks like that mons in the beast balls/apriballs have that problem, when I changed to the other non-apriballs are okay.

    In my case, A-Exeggutor/Raichu/Marowak have that error, but A-Ninetales/Sandslash in beast ball are still okay.

    Thanks in advance.


    103-01 - Exeggutor - 60F7AADD96CC.pk8

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