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  1. I’ve never had an issue using any Pokémon online that appeared legitimate.
  2. How come when I put the move Toxic on a lot of Pokemon, PKHeX flags it as an invalid move? Has happened with many Pokemon but the one I'm particularly working on right now is Articuno.
  3. So, I've used Batch Editor many times in the past just fine. But when I change a box's TID, SID, and OT, only the OT properly changes and the TID & SID change to random numbers. In the Batch Editor box, I am using: =Box=1 .OT_Name=name .TID=111111 .SID=1111 Using the developmental build.
  4. Same as title, basically. When BD/SP support was added, they were fine. But then PKHeX had another update after that and since then, majority of my Pokemon have that error and show as illegal.
  5. Trust me, we all think it should've been out by now since had all last week to do it, but the unfortunate answer is: it'll be out when it's out
  6. In return, I have a completed Brilliant Diamond file.
  7. If people catch Pokémon today on BD then trade to themselves on actual release day & use online functions on release day, will the game/Switch get banned? Because the caught date would be 10 days before release and I don’t know if Nintendo actually logs/cares about that.
  8. Since it’s been long-fixed by now, I’d like to have any “maliciously crafted” Pokémon on my game. Just to have it.
  9. Wow. I never knew it had to be saved twice. Why is that?
  10. No, thank you for giving me something to correct.
  11. All the possible shiny event den Pokemon listed here: https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/wildareaevents.shtml
  12. Sweet. Now I feel special/OG, haha. Thanks for the help!
  13. Wait a minute...Ok, I just transferred a Pokemon from Go to Home to my Switch, then locally traded to my 2nd Switch (hacked) to open my "main" SAV in PkHex to see the Go Pokemon's info of mine. Is it normal for the SID to straight up be "0000"?
  14. Ok, that was kind of my suspicion and just wanted to confirm. Secondary question: Do Pokemon in Go have their own TID/SID info or if I'm editing those values, would I use the game info they're being transferred TO (example: use Sword/Shield TID/SID)?
  15. So, I downloaded Kanto, for example, and some Pokemon have the yellow caution icon. Looks like it's because of a certain move(s) on the Pokemon, however, PkHex recognizes them as Legal, so it won't show me why it has the yellow caution icon. What's the icon representing here?
  16. Probably because I went directly to the post, ya know? Instead of going through subcategories and all that other junk. 'Cause ya know, it shows up on the main Downloads page...
  17. Are there certain Pokémon that you could only get in Pokémon Go with certain moves and transfer them to Gen 8? Or what about Pokémon like that limited Hydro Pump Drillbur that wasn’t meant to be released? Just looking for Pokémon that are the rarest to have.
  18. Sure, they might be competitive sets....but what Smogon tier? Different tiers use different movesets. -6 months later - Cool reply.
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