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  1. Probably because I went directly to the post, ya know? Instead of going through subcategories and all that other junk. 'Cause ya know, it shows up on the main Downloads page...
  2. Are there certain Pokémon that you could only get in Pokémon Go with certain moves and transfer them to Gen 8? Or what about Pokémon like that limited Hydro Pump Drillbur that wasn’t meant to be released? Just looking for Pokémon that are the rarest to have.
  3. Sure, they might be competitive sets....but what Smogon tier? Different tiers use different movesets. -6 months later - Cool reply.
  4. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=projectpokemon+crown+tundra+sav First result. Then you'd scroll down some and find this reply there (the sav you're looking for): EDIT: And if extra lazy, here is that same file for a direct download: -"complete isle of armor and crown tundra galar tourney, footprints, main story, and more." main
  5. I gotchu. Will message you.
  6. Can we *please* get this part updated on the first page as well as the GitHub?: "Update: We continue into 2019 and beyond!" Makes it look old and outdated upon first glance.
  7. EDIT: For anyone else having this issue, I fixed it by doing this: I downloaded this and then simply dragged my "sav.dat" file onto the program, noticed that my "sav.dat" file very slightly went down in size, so I put this 'new' file onto SD card, and now it boots and works fine... Gold Version. This is for VC. I downloaded the starter SAV that I wanted to use from below. I even tried the sav on my 3DS without changing any Trainer info, etc. and also tried deleting that "Secure" file (or whatever it's called) on my 3DS SD card. I then modified TID, OT Name, added 12 Pokemon to
  8. Anyone have an original? Don't see it on the below link. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/73-english/
  9. I see Sweet Kiss Nidoran-Female on the page below, but do not see the Lovely Kiss Nidoran-Male one. Anyone have an original? https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/73-english/
  10. Would you mind capturing a random Pokemon real quick just to 100% confirm it by testing it?
  11. I noticed that also makes the illegal flag go away, but wasn't sure if that was an *actual* legal option to use.
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