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  1. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=projectpokemon+crown+tundra+sav First result. Then you'd scroll down some and find this reply there (the sav you're looking for): EDIT: And if extra lazy, here is that same file for a direct download: -"complete isle of armor and crown tundra galar tourney, footprints, main story, and more." main
  2. I gotchu. Will message you.
  3. Can we *please* get this part updated on the first page as well as the GitHub?: "Update: We continue into 2019 and beyond!" Makes it look old and outdated upon first glance.
  4. EDIT: For anyone else having this issue, I fixed it by doing this: I downloaded this and then simply dragged my "sav.dat" file onto the program, noticed that my "sav.dat" file very slightly went down in size, so I put this 'new' file onto SD card, and now it boots and works fine... Gold Version. This is for VC. I downloaded the starter SAV that I wanted to use from below. I even tried the sav on my 3DS without changing any Trainer info, etc. and also tried deleting that "Secure" file (or whatever it's called) on my 3DS SD card. I then modified TID, OT Name, added 12 Pokemon to
  5. Anyone have an original? Don't see it on the below link. https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/73-english/
  6. I see Sweet Kiss Nidoran-Female on the page below, but do not see the Lovely Kiss Nidoran-Male one. Anyone have an original? https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/73-english/
  7. Would you mind capturing a random Pokemon real quick just to 100% confirm it by testing it?
  8. I noticed that also makes the illegal flag go away, but wasn't sure if that was an *actual* legal option to use.
  9. So, I made 12 different Pokemon on Gold Version for 2 teams that I'm making. When all of their met level is 1 and location is Goldenrod City, nothing is flagged as illegal. But Gen 2 Pokemon hatched at level 5, right? So, when I change any of their Met levels to 5, it then flags as illegal. Why? Happens to all 12. If it matters: Met time of day is set to "Day."
  10. Well yeah, I knew that. But it’s weird how these 3 Legendaries aren’t listed on the downloads page, but Keldeo is....because you need the 3 anyway before you can even encounter Keldeo. Just weird the three weren’t uploaded before Keldeo.
  11. I see Keldeo, but not the 3 needed to even legitimately encounter it.
  12. EDIT: Ok, it looks like because I was using a 2019 "main" SAV file. But how can I update the SAV file for PkHex instead of having to find an entire new SAV online? How can I fix this? Happens for all the new Pokemon in Crown Tundra.
  13. Sure, they might be competitive sets....but what Smogon tier? Different tiers use different movesets.
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