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  1. Can we get more frequent updates then? Or can I manually do it on my end? 24hrs in a day, can’t imagine adding a few event Pokémon here and there takes too long.
  2. Version 1.2.1


    In Sword and Shield Versions, a shiny Clefable was available to obtain between Sep. 18th - Sep. 20th, 2020.
  3. Says unable to match encounter from original game. Why? Even on the developer version of PkHex, it says illegal. Note: I changed TID/SID/OT, so that took away the shininess in PkHex when I uploaded the file to here. 036 - Clefable - 734698AB6A89.pk8
  4. Like, if I download Pokemon Shield on hacked Switch, beat the game and whatnot, etc....can I then buy the game on my clean Switch and transfer that save data over without any ban risk? Was thinking of doing this for Mario All-Stars...
  5. A quick Google search shows a lot of other websites showing the event start date on the 18th, not 16th. Serebii can be wrong. *But it looks like in Australia and New Zealand, it started on 16th, but for USA & Canada, the 18th.
  6. Without looking it up, I don't know, but by the way that you're saying that, I'm assuming no.
  7. So it wouldn't be legal if I remove it, transfer them up to Gen 7, put the move back on them, then transfer to Home to SW/SH?
  8. So, I have a non-shiny and an actual legit shiny Cleffa that I got in-game myself, but neither will transfer to Bank because Bank says there's an issue with them. Note: It also says the same with the Odd Egg Pokemon from the Gen 2 Gold download file on this site. Here's my Cleffa files, if needed (zeroed out my TID): 173 ★ - CLEFFA - 4E43.pk2 173 - CLEFFA - 7263.pk2
  9. That's really good to know, thank you for that! Would be awesome if this was a feature in the future (telling PkHex which boxes you want edited all at once).
  10. Is there a way in PkHex to use the Batch Editor to only apply to certain boxes instead of "all" boxes? Or a way to multi-select (like CTRL+click or click start point+SHIFT+click end point)?
  11. So, if I change the TID/SID to match my actual in-game ones, do i just click "Reroll" on the PID in PkHex for each Pokemon? Or only shinies then?
  12. If I'm changing all three (OT, TID, and SID), does anything else need to be changed on the Pokemon so that it will be fully legal?
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