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  1. 5 hours ago, Hello, it's me! said:

    oh boy i can't wait to see all the upcoming posts about how they're unable to use pkhex with the crown tundra update lol

    The wait is over! --> I'm unable to use pkhex with the crown tundra update

  2. On 8/23/2020 at 11:29 PM, SkyLink24 said:

    Bank and HOME does not preserve items. You have to injekt them directly into your SwSh save (only if you play in the hacked switch).

    got it. Then hacked switch to trade mons with items to OFW one by one. it's a pain but better to have something than nothing :) 

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. 3 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    Yes. HOME subscription and Bank subscriptions are separate things.

    That means having HOME subscription would presently not give you a free Bank subscription.
    Gonna need to apply for both if you want both.

    Some options:

    1. Pay for Bank subscription
    2. Use PKHeX to load the mons into a gen 8 format, then have a sysbot trade it to you (this assumes you don't have a CFW Switch, and that your OFW Switch has NSO) [if species exist in SWSH]
    3. Wait for Bank subscription to be free again. Maybe during HOME anniversary. Or maybe they'll never do it again. Who knows really.

    cool! thanks for the very detailed explanation. I got the Bank subscription. Is it possible to pkhex a number of pk8s to my 3ds then transfer to bank then to home then to my OFW switch?

  4. Hello, it's me again :)

    So, i have a home subscription. Do i have to pay another subscription for Bank in order for me to transfer all Gen1-7 from my 3DS? Goal is to have 1-7 loaded to Home. I know there was a free month with Bank on February/March but i totally missed it.  Any other way I could do that today? 

  5. Thank you for the response. It is very helpful. 

    How about this scenario: gen 8 to be injected to my CFW and these will be traded individually to my Non-CFW. In PKHEX, can I bulk rename the OT of all Gen 8 so it will be "legally" owned by my Non-CFW once they are traded?

  6. Hi, I am new to Pokémon games and just bought Pokémon Sword for my Switch. I have tools available and i need some help/clarification on something.


    Switch on CFW, JKSV

    Switch lite OFW with Nintendo Online subscription


    Save files - Gen 1 to 8 from Project Pokémon 

    Planning to get - Pokémon Home premium subscription

    i can load saves to my CFW via JKSV & PKHEX 

    I can trade individual Pokémon from CFW to OFW 


    How can I load all gen 1 to 8 to my CFW? I am seeing gen 1, 2 as old Pokémon data from previous games. can I merge all save files of Gen 1 -8 and load it in CFW? 

    Granting I have bulk Pokémon in my CFW Pokedex, can I transfer builk Pokémons to my OFW Poekdex instead of trading them individually?

    If I have Pokémon Home premium subscription, would it be possible to load PKHEX data to Pokémon Home?

    Hoping someone can help me. Thanks!



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