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  1. Hello, I have 3 pokemon what flagged illegal, but they are legal. All reports are from PkHex 20230511 in a UltraMoon save:

    First: Shaymin with Ominous Wind is flagged illegal, but Shaymin can learn this attack in HGSS with move tutor in Sky form, and the attack still remain in both forms. Is a Flower Paradise Shaymin caught in Platinum. (Viento Aciago is Ominous Wind in spanish)



    Second: A Pyroar hatched in Unknown Dungeon in Pokemon X (Mewtwo room). For some reason, this location is flagged illegal, but you hatch eggs in this zone without problem.



    Third: A Alolan-Marowak evolved from a VC Cubone. A level 5 Cubone has transfered from Pokemon Silver to UltraMoon and evolved. The error is a met level, if met level is 5, is flagged illegal, but is level 6 or more, is legal.


    Other VC evolved pokemon like Leafeon or Glaceon have the same error.


    All .pk7 from 3 pokemon reported:

    0668 ★ - Pyroar - ABC4E73F639D.pk70105-01 ★ - Marowak - C4668E060BC1.pk70492 ★ - Skymin - 6C03BFA135AA.pk7

  2. If drag a shiny pokemon in .pk2 into a gen7(or gen8) save, these pokemon obtain the exact same PID, even if drag multiple times. Also, this PID format is the same: XXXX0000, where XXXX is TID from pokemon in HEX, and four 0 additional. For example, a shiny pokemon in gen2 with ID 12574 always obtain PID 311E0000 in pkhex.
    I have various shinies transferred in official Poke Transporter with the same ID, but they have different PID. (I don't have currently a active subscription).      

    This PID format is intentional? or is a error? I use a latest version (PKHeX 20.10.10).

    I know there have been changes with VC transfers in the latest version, but I find it strange to get the same PID always


     - - Fixed: Gen7 transfers from VC now generate with the official PID creation method. Star shinies are double shinies!


  3. I used Poke Transporter to transfer pokemon from my Pokemon Silver to Pokemon UltraMoon, but some pokemon show incorrect PP in pkhex. In the game the PP show correctly.

    In my Pokemon Silver, usually using TM25 ACE to clone these Pokemon, but some show PP correctly, therefore, I don't think it's the reason from incorrect PPs in pkhex

    I adjunt the .pk2, the .pk7 with incorrect PPs and a imagen from the error




    In the image, all legendary and mythical from gen 1 and 2 are the transfered (first 11 slots), but only Mewtwo, Ho-Oh and Celebi have errors

    pk2 and pk7.zip

  4. On certain bridges there qwill sometimes fall "wings" and land on the ground. these "wings" can be picked up and when digested by a pokémon, the pokémon will get +1 ev in one stat, even after it has got 100 ev's in that stat.

    evs also can win battles, as is normally done, for it works well even at 100. I myself have tested in a poke at 100 and received after each battle evs normally

  5. Your Mew is not legal. The one i got and the one Bond got have the proper hidden hex, yours does not. I don't know why yours doesn't have it but thats really odd

    I compared the mew that I put before the I received in my original Spanish SS, and have the same HEX, if I look from Pokesav. I've even compared to the Japanese mew who gave last year, and is also the same. I'm looking at the HEX from the DP Pokesav 0.40c


    e: now with a pkm file too.


    the mew one at that. pkm has all the IVS 31. Luck?

  6. Assuming dream world Pokémon can be shiny, I'd choose Arceus considering it is the ONLY Pokémon you can't get Shiny...LEGITAMITELY. I'd be okay with Manaphy winning, too. Again, assuming dream world Pokémon can be shiny. Since in order to get Shiny Manaphy, you have to trade the Manaphy egg with to a game, hatch it, if it’s not shiny, send it to another game (you could possibly end up doing this OVER 9000!!! times) or you can RNG it to be shiny on another game (definitely something I can’t do). Though if Dream World Pokemon can't be shiny, then I'd still choose Arceus because it's also the ONLY Pokemon that you can't have legitamitely with 255 evs in one or two stats, due to that stupid event one being at Lv. 100...

    celebi and jirachi shiny they can not currently be obtained (GC games do not draw shiny), while Arceus is obtainable from the hall of origin (even if the event is not the azure flute is as if they could, but good) even so, still appeals more Arceus for being banned from the GTS, and not be able to evs per stat +100

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