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  1. When editing in-game trades with pkNX there are multiple lines that I don't know what to do with, can anyone please explain the following? Hash0 Feeling TextVar I've been looking for a guide but there is none...
  2. Maybe I didn't understand you correctly but have you tried just replacing the files in the updated bin with the ones you already edited?
  3. I did, but I have a problem doing that (won't work for some reason and I tried everything). Is there anything I can use to merge the NSP with the XCI on my PC and then extract them without getting them separated?
  4. I need some help as well, I got the latest version of pkNX that worked for me (it's from 2020) and extracted a pokemon sword xci file (which I updated using NSCB) but I can't use pkNX to access IoA encounters. It's woth noting that the extraction gave me as an output 2 separate folders - one that matches the base game XCI by size and another that matches the update NSP but only contained ExeFS files. I thought that maybe I should merge them somehow but I don't know how - can anyone help me/tell me what I'm doing wrong? I used the following guide for all that https://youtu.be/CcCqW6jR64k o
  5. I did what I did and ended up with a pokemon sword xci file, I extracted it but pknx didn't show IoA encounters. I also tried updating it (+ adding dlc) using NSCB but when I extracted it I got nothing.
  6. How? Using regular extracted sword files didn't work, did I miss anything?
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