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    I was using the dumping method to ease my Battle Tree scouting and I took the time to check for this thing that has been in my head since that time I dumped the Shell Smash Kommo-o. It's nothing important but it's the kind of thing that doesn't let me sleep at night. Back then, I dumped it from a recorded battle since the odds to enter the Battle Tree and encounter it again were just about zero. As a result, it had the "Sun." OT, something that I highlighted when talking to BlackShark, he replied: "It's interesting that it uses a generic OT! That's not the case for every NPC. For example Kukui's Rockruff doesn't have any OT at all", but thing is, when battling in the Battle Tree itself, the OT isn't actually there. The ID and SID are in there and are kept when the battle is recorded (alongside all the other data, including PID), but the OT doesn't appear until that happens. I take it the reason is the game needs to generate an OT in order to keep Pokémon individual data saved (otherwise, it'd be randomly generated when entering the vs. Recorder and that'd bring serious issues), so it enters the generic "Sun." OT (guess it depends on the language, "Sol.", "Soleil.", etc; but not on the version, Moon still uses "Sun."). Take this Golisopod as an example: So, the point is, Battle Tree Pokémon are actually no exception to the "NPC Pokémon have no OT at all" thing, they just have an OT generated in order to keep their random data (ability, gender, PID) when the battle is recorded. It's not that interesting but I wanted to post it anyway xD
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    Very helpful in Colosseum research, thank you!
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    Perhaps I was too innocent as a child, or maybe I just didn't pay attention back then, but now I had a good laugh when I saw this Meganium:
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    Excited to see Meowth is gone? I certainly hope that's not what you were going for. (Sorry, I couldn't resist :P)
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    Again, apologize for that. It really wasn't my intention to do that. I'll be sure to take more care next time.
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    hey people of Project Pokemon How are we all? ?
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    "Owww, what a sweet little g-- wait, what?!"
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    Hm... so this Cobalion of mine missed 4 Stone Edges in a row and I was flat out pissed off. Then, next day, he saved my Battle Tree streak with a crit Sacred Sword, being my last standing Pokémon and just about dead. RNGesus surely moves in a mysterious way.
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    Thanks to the help of @jasenyoface, we now have a new dark site theme, called "Site Theme Dark", named since it's a dark version of "Site Theme" (I didn't come up with the name, it's an artifact from 2009). I've been using it for a few days, and it's my new favorite.
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    I have no idea why 410 people wanted to view my meager profile. Sorry, there really isn't anything nifty here yet. But just in case you haven't heard of this yet. >EventAssistant (Event and Item injection, Pokemon Editing right on the 3DS) https://github.com/BernardoGiordano/EventAssistant/releases
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    Having fun with image parsing, but colors aren't behaving.
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    Uploading all these events to the new Gen 4 and Gen 5 download categories is making me nostalgic of D/Pt/SS/B/W2.
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    Colosseum Tool crashes when attempting to extract an iso on both high sierra and mojave. This occurs with 1.0.1. Cannot extract and import textures either, which you say requires a gtx or an atx file, but nothing of the sorts outputs nor can I find anything online about those two file types. EDIT: Here's the log of the issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tXYc-31jFrslRaJT_zE_tEVwmMjB-zsH EDIT 2: Hmm... after looking over this issue, seems there is a problem that keeps popping up now and then from past releases. Versions 8.1 and 9.0 did not have this issue, but versions before that was looking for pocket_menu.fsys and other fsys files that did not exist in my rom. As far as I know, these never existed in colosseum, only gale of darkness... EDIT 3: Found the pocket_menu.fsys on my iso. Not sure why it's not returning positively found. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NMM1BBxc2v_P4A-Q-X71fV65cWnQwWqc EDIT 4: After double checking the error, the error points to the Colosseum tool's own source of files, namely, the FSYS Folder. Indeed, the pocket_menu.fsys file was not created upon first opening of Colosseum tool. Maybe that's the problem? Double check the creation of ALL the required files. A screenshot of what I have in that folder. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nm-CYI8T-Eq24SozP5YH2nCAVT459vxz EDIT 5: Pocket_menu.fsys is located in MENUFSYS, not FSYS. This was probably a typo, but moving the file from MENUFSYS to FSYS temporarily fixed the problem. Also, another problem cropped up: Pcbox_pocket_menu. It searches for Pcbox_pocket_menu file without a file extension in the correct location. However, since there is a file extension with that particular file, it returns nothing and crashes. MIDEDIT: Same thing with the pcbox_name_entry_menu, pcbox_menu, pda_menu, world_map, and pocketchange_menu. Changing those will fix the issue, and the iso extraction completes. EDIT 6: after all this. textures still fail to export
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    These are Korean League S3 Latias&Latios event files. Latias&Latios.zip
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    I send WCSK Metagross at Lotte Dep. Jamsil St. I will send pictures later. Card # 1147 - WCSK 챔피언의 메타그로스를 선물!.zip
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    just wanted to say you are a wonderful person thank you for uploading the wonder cards
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    Aww I haven't been here in a while and I missed a lot
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    hey man how is it going i like your pages and tutorials
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    I'm just so, so hyped. I've literally been expecting them to announce they'd use the Ultra Wormholes as an excuse to let us hunt for legendaries since the first trailers came out. Having that and old villain team leader is just marvelous.
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    So while I was researching the Gen 2 games, I hex edited my save incorrectly and this ended up happening at the Trainer Hall:
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    I'm trying to collect every Pokemon in every ball. I also collect foreign Pokemon. And event Pokemon code cards, used or un-used. Donations always welcome
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    This is kinda..sad, but funny at the same time.
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    I was browsing around the Image Dex and I couldn't help but notice that the so-called Bellossom and Sentret's PMD EOS portraits are actually the transformed Ditto from the 4th special episode xD Here, have a "vs" of what's depicted in the gallery and the actual mugshots for the species:
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    So... well, after losing against Dark Matter and feeling frustrated during several days, I finally decided to try again and beat it this time: To be honest, this is the first MD boss I've actually been forced to use a complex strategy, I remember just using a Violent Seed and two Focus Blasts to beat Primal Dialga back in EOS (I was the Riolu back then, with my partner being an Eevee) and just spamming whatever I had against Rayquaza in Rescue Team. Haven't played GTI so Idk how hard is to beat Kyurem.
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    So at first I thought maps 1 and 2 were some sort of dummies, since I couldn't find anything on them, but I had some spare time today so I decided to do a bit more walking around and I found out they're not actually some infinitely empty maps, but the Iki Town variants used when you fight Hau for the second time and when you become the champion respectively. As you might expect, all the models used on said events are on these maps. So I guess... you could kinda revisit Lillie in there...right? :c My feelings </3
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    Check it out! PGL tournament where Marshadow can be used. XD https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/c8a271a4-dcdd-43f4-8dc8-ee7131dc7802
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    FINALLY got access to my PP account again! Thank God! I had to go send an email to my old Yahoo to reset my PW. But in order to do that, I had to strengthen the security on that old account. So I had to go to my parents' old email to reset the Yahoo account, and it was a pain in the butt. Phew. Glad I got that all done! I thought I'd have to make a new account! ?
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    I ended up volunteering at the Animal Shelter again, yesterday. We found out Grace,(my favorite kitten, shhh) was actually a boy-now Gregory. Adopt or not to adopt, that is the Q.
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    that's some dandy profile photo!
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    My newly caught buddy! I started my Pokémon GO adventure as soon as it was available last year. Keep in mind, my three favorite Pokémon are: Alakazam, Gengar and Mr. Mime, in that order. Obviously my goal was to obtain these Pokémon. Abra, that extremely evasive Pokémon, has tested my patience throughout my entire adventure. In GO, when I see "fled", I can't help but to think: "Yeah right, you mean Teleported." Anyway, after losing interest in the game, I ultimately ended up deleting it from my phone several months ago; the appeal faded. Long walks, late night outings, organizing my time to in a way to play a game, an app, was getting ridiculous. I vaguely remember buying lures and incubators, too! Pokémon GO's anniversary came around, I re-downloaded it. Thanks to @theSLAYER for reminding me that my account information would still be in place. Being that Mr. Mime is a lost cause for me, harvesting those Gastly and Abra candies in order to obtain Alakazam and Gengar was still on my bucket list. I currently have a Kadabra and a Haunter. I've actually had them since before my re-installation of the App! Anyway, to my surprise, an Alakazam spawned right beside me last night! Low on berries, Great Balls and with only one Ultra Ball to my name, my excitement quickly turned into anxiety as I stared into this beast's digital eyes. With a Gold Razz Berry in effect, I threw my Ultra Ball with a spin; It connected with a "Great!" toss. Wiggle... Wiggle... Slow Wiggle... "Gotcha!"
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    I kinda broke the Mystery Dungeon Pokedexes, so they'll have to be republished.@Project Pokémon Bot will be spending the next few hours fixing my mistake. What was my mistake you may ask? Configuration! A "5" should have been a "6", so things got screwed up.
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    I’m volunteering at the animal shelter today. I see: Meowth; Persian; Litten; Rockruff; Growlith and some Ekans. A Pigey pooped on my vehicle’s windshield Where’s a max repel when you need one! -HaHa
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    I played around with the themes a bit, making them wider. I also added the IPS Dark theme. Let me know if there's any problems with anything.
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    Attention! Via some methods found on /r/pokemonrng, I have been able to cut down the time needed to get a shiny flawless 6iv Faraway Island Mew from 5 weeks to one day using VBA and Battle videos. My newest post has the save file needed for RNG'ing the mew. Based on this info, for legality testing I created a 3gpkm of a special 6x flawless 31iv Shiny Timid Faraway island mew, with the OT data set to the PokePakku Mew's OT Profile, but with the Secret ID set to 31337. Hopefully this can be legality checked to improve your checkers. Thanks, and have fun! LegalShinyPokepakkuRemakeMew.3gpkm
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    You have a lot of respect from me because you're trying to help document events. Keep up the good work, you wonderful person!
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    Hi there! I m a new one! I m so excited to be here! I m currently playing with 4th generation Pokemon
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    We're working on restoring everything from the event gallery. We have all the files, it just takes time to put them in the Downloads section. A front-page announcement will be posted when we're finished.
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    If you can read this, then bug with the status update button on the front page that I mentioned earlier was fixed.
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    Also for some reason when I update my status on the front page, the status isn't saved, so heads up person who's reading this.
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