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  1. 38 downloads

    This event has been made available with serial code GANJ 0UAG 0882, announced during the Pokémon anime TV broadcast in Japan. As of LGPE, wonder cards are no longer stored in saves. As such, players will not be able to inject this wonder card into their save using PKHeX, for the purposes of redeeming it in-game. Wonder Card ID #0146: サトシ's Dracovish Species Dracovish TID 210108 Distribution Serial Code Location the Pokémon animated show Dates Aug 12 to 25, 2022 PID 00000000 (Cannot Be Shiny) Games SWSH Nature Naive Ability Strong Jaw (2) Item None IVs EVs HP 30 ALL 0 ATK 31 DEF 31 S.ATK 30 S.DEF 30 SPE 31 Lv. 80 Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Fishious Rend Dragon Rush Ice Fang Water Gun Classic Ribbon Lang Slot Mon's Lang Nickname OT Name OT's Lang JPN ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN ENG ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN FRE ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN ITA ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN GER ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN SPA ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN KOR ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN CHS ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN CHT ウオノラゴン サトシ JPN Only One Redemption Allowed Format Ver.2.1.2-12, Post Updated Date:20220812_1017
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  2. 162 downloads

    This event has been made available via serial code to players who attended at the screenings of either Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, Jirachi: Wish Maker, or The Rise of Darkrai in commemoration of the Pokémon's 25th anniversary. As of LGPE, wonder cards are no longer stored in saves. As such, players will not be able to inject this wonder card into their save using PKHeX, for the purposes of redeeming it in-game. Wonder Card ID #0145: サトシ's Pikachu Species Pikachu (World Cap) TID 970401 Distribution Serial Code Location a 2022 Pokémon movie Dates Aug 11 to Sept 30, 2022 PID 00000000 (Cannot Be Shiny) Games SWSH Nature Hardy Ability Static (1) Item Light Ball IVs EVs HP 31 ALL 0 ATK 30 DEF 30 S.ATK 31 S.DEF 30 SPE 31 Lv. 80 Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Thunderbolt Quick Attack Iron Tail Electroweb Alola Champion Ribbon Lang Slot Mon's Lang Nickname OT Name OT's Lang JPN ピカチュウ サトシ JPN ENG ピカチュウ サトシ JPN FRE ピカチュウ サトシ JPN ITA ピカチュウ サトシ JPN GER ピカチュウ サトシ JPN SPA ピカチュウ サトシ JPN KOR ピカチュウ サトシ JPN CHS ピカチュウ サトシ JPN CHT ピカチュウ サトシ JPN Multiples Redemptions Allowed Format Ver.2.1.2-12, Post Updated Date:20220811_1901
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  3. 164 downloads

    This event has been made available via serial code to players who attended at the screenings of Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias in commemoration of the Pokémon's 25th anniversary. As of LGPE, wonder cards are no longer stored in saves. As such, players will not be able to inject this wonder card into their save using PKHeX, for the purposes of redeeming it in-game. Wonder Card ID #0142: アルトマーレ's Latias Species Latias TID 020713 Distribution Serial Code Location a 2022 Pokémon movie Dates 11 Aug to Sept 30, 2022 PID 00000000 (Cannot Be Shiny) Games SWSH Nature Bashful Ability Levitate (1) Item Soul Dew IVs EVs HP RND, 3x 31 IVs ALL 0 ATK DEF S.ATK S.DEF SPE Lv. 70 Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Mist Ball Dragon Pulse Dive Sweet Kiss Wishing Ribbon Lang Slot Mon's Lang Nickname OT Name OT's Lang JPN ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN ENG ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN FRE ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN ITA ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN GER ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN SPA ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN KOR ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN CHS ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN CHT ラティアス アルトマーレ JPN Multiples Redemptions Allowed Format Ver.2.1.2-12, Post Updated Date:20220811_1906
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  4. Version 2.2.0


    Here is my save file in brilliant diamond post game (already became champion) with all legal shiny pokemon the purpose of this save file is for those who want to explore sinnoh region in post game to find legendaries and other hidden IGN: Yoonah Gender: Female Pokemon Brilliant Diamond 1.1.1 safe to use it in 1.1.2 Most Legendary is not captured yet (you can still find it) what already captured is (sorry i forgot to backup before) : 3 lake legendaries (azelt, mesprit, Uxie) Dialga Box info: Box 1-18 : all shiny pokemon (some is not shiny because it shiny locked) box 19 : Dialga, 3 lake legendaries box 39/Trained: shiny ditto with 6 31IVs, for breeding purpose box 40: the pokemon i catch myself Using all items cheat in PKhex but not use it too much (like rare candy) Deleted some item because not in game / no need to (Park Ball, Beast Ball, ramanas park slate) All outfit (include platinum style) Underground: most place is not discovered yet, but already have all sphere(900), statue(50), and pedestal(90) Have Fun PS: i will update more save file
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  5. Version 1.2.1


    Main Features: Physical/Special Split Gen VII type matchup chart including fairy type New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon Over 100 Shadow Pokemon Over 50 Shadow Moves Over 75 Wild Pokemon Moves and abilities from later generations Mostly Gen VII Game Mechanics More challenging opponents How to patch your ROM: Known Bugs: Discord: If you have questions about XG, modding gamecube/wii pokemon games or just want to chat with like-minded fans then join us on discord here
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is my own Pokémon Ultra Sun main game file. All of the Pokémon are legal and legit. You own every item in the game all 999. All Pokémon in the boxes labeled Alola Dex #1-14 are shiny (excluding cosmog, cosmoem, zeraora, magearna and marshadow). There is every legendary and mythic in the game. All of the legendary Pokémon are shiny. Most of the mythics are shiny. The rest of them are shiny-locked. I obtained all of the stamps in the game. Your party is all Ash-Greninja. You have two boxes full of event PokémonYoiu have 5 empty boxes for whatever your heart desires. All Pokémon excluding the event Pokémon are level 100.
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  7. Version Gen 1 - Gen 8


    This is a collection of all possible Trades and Gifts of in-game NPC's credentials in every language possible. All Generation I-IV Trades are obtained at the lowest level possible with thorough research. Please refer to the Guide.txt included in the collection archive for details on what to edit to make any of them to your personal liking. NOTE: If you're reading this in the future and a new game came out, please do not expect any updates with its trades immediately or anytime soon, unless users contribute them to me. Credits: @Taargüs Taargüs - For providing the PK5s for all languages of B2W2 Yancy and Curtis trades, and also the Korean B2 Petilil! @RobustRabbit - For providing CHT SM and USUM trades! @ViolentDarkBrown - For providing all languages of trades in Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee, Sword/Shield, and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl! Serebii and Bulbapedia - For providing the location whereabouts and details for the lowest levels possible of NPC's requested Pokemon. (Even though they contradict each other sometimes...) And of course, anyone who reports errors! If you would like to share this collection archive around other websites, you are free to do so, but please give credit to the mentioned users for their generosity to contributing. Thanks! PSA: If PKHeX flags any Pokemon as invalid, please do collate the files that do so and report them in the PKHeX forum. And if you think a Gen 1-4 Pokemon can't be at a certain level, please do notify me about it (and provide sources).
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    My Pokemon Sun Save File 100%
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  9. Version .


    The UK and USA verson of the Eon Ticket event are up for download! @ajxpk's gif for the Eon Ticket process: Original Thread and Credits! Source for images: http://ereader.no-intro.org/info.php?set=Resources (USA)
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  10. Version 0.1f


    Original Developer: @suloku Note: Downloads section mirror, will be replaced if the original developer uploads to the downloads page. Description: Nintendo Events, Wondercards, e-Trainer cards and e-Berry editor. Original Thread
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  11. Version 1.3


    Introduction Hello all! I've started this, as I've been getting quite a bit of Citra save requests rather frequently. Also, big thanks to @Ammako for coming up with this idea, as a way to deal with the horde of requests. How to use Start off by selecting the set you want. Each set will come with 4 folders, with choices of No Starter (not chosen yet), Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie. Use the images below on how to differentiate between Sets. Once a set is chosen, edit your Trainer's Name and Trainer's Nickname as you please. In Pokemon XY, your rivals give you a nickname. Here is where it's found here in PKHeX: I'll recommend changing your Trainer ID and Secret ID as well, and maybe give a nickname to the starter. This way, the game will feel personal to you. (if you do so, do remember to change the starter OT, TID and SID to yours) Closing Notes I've included a couple of bonus save files, which are stripped-down save post-game saves, varying from Set 1 to Set 6 (and then 2 extras). (It originated as a request, after one user lost their save file, and simply wants to experience post-game). On a separate note, I've previously been told that Citra tends to hang on choosing Kalos Starter and first battle with Shauna, so to counter that, the game saves that is provided with a starter already chosen, begins after Shauna's embarrassing loss. To proceed with the story, bring the Prof's Letter to your Mom, and your journey truly begins.. Update: For those with freezes after collecting the Town Map, I've made another save (Chespin chosen, but all 3 Starters are in that save) that has the Town Map collected.
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  12. 2060 downloads

    This page contains the first ever publicly available savefile that was dumped from an original Pokemon Red cart, which was used to distribute YOSHIRA Mew by direct trade. The distribution took place at Toys R Us stores in the United States from the 8th to 12th of December 1999. The players who were allowed to obtain a Mew were determined among the first 1500 customers at each Toys R Us store on 26 November 1999, where they were able to receive a special "Peel & Win" sticker card (pictured above). 200 of these cards at each store contained the text "Caught Me!" underneath the sticker of Mew. These Mew distribution carts are known to have been either a Red or a Blue cartridge, which were sealed into a GameBoy Pocket with official Nintendo non-tamper security tape. So far only two devices have publicly surfaced on the internet. The first one was a Blue cartridge still sealed into a silver GBP, of which pictures have been on the internet for several years (pictured above). This device is said to have been lost in shipping during ownership change in 2013. The second one is a Red cartridge that has since been cut loose from its GBP, but the Nintendo security tape is still intact on the cartridge (pictured above). This Red cartridge was first seen on Reddit several months back, which is owned by a former Toys R Us employee who personally distributed Mews from the cartridge back in 1999. I recently contacted this Redditor, and offered to ship her my cart dumper in order to get the savefile dumped and safely preserved. As save data in the first two generations rely on a low-power battery, after approximately 18 years it was clear that the savefile would not have survived much longer. Due to this and the extreme rarity of these devices, this may have very well been a one time opportunity to ever preserve save data from one of these carts. Every Mew has identical IV stats: 5 HP, 10 Attack, 1 Defense, 12 Speed, and 5 Special. Every Mew in this savefile has the Original Trainer name of YOSHIRA (none YOSHIRB). I can only speculate that perhaps those on the Blue cartridges contained YOSHIRB Mews. The Trainer IDs are all unique however, and imply the Mews were generated in groups of 5 (eg. 16385, 16386, 16387, 16388, 16389, then 16443, 16444, 16445, 16446, 16447, and so on). My theory is that the Mews were generated with a "Mew machine", which was a quicker method used at other event locations to distribute YOSHIRA/YOSHIRB Mews. We know these machines distributed Mews with TIDs that incremented by 1, so due to the Trainer IDs we see here, we could assume that each savefile had different Mews(or at least that several different savefiles may exist). So other than TID, the Mews on this savefile are all identical. The way I figure it, a cart was inserted in a Mew machine, a party full of 5 were generated, the cart was removed, and while someone manually placed those 5 Mews in a PC Box, another cart was in the machine having it's party filled. I don't figure it could have been practical to give every cart unique Mews, but multiple carts were filled to have a wider variation of existing TIDs. After a handful of carts were full of Mews, their savefiles were likely copied among the hundreds of carts send to Toys R Us stores. Keep in mind though, this is purely my speculation based of the information we have. All the traded pokemon from this savefile had been previously released, so only the Mews remain. Box 11 and 12 are totally empty. Box 5 and 10 are each missing one or two Mews. Boxes 1 to 4, and 6 to 9 remain fully untouched. I did return a few Mews from the party to their proper box slot, so the TIDs line up as they were originally. Any oddball TIDs that couldn't be matched up were placed in the Party. I also want to note that I did request the rom to be dumped as well, and it was 100% identical to any other retail Red cart. While we were 99% positive this was obviously the case, it's still nice to have that confirmation. In the past some people have speculated whether or not the rom was special and would have the PC filled with Mews if a New Game was started. Once again, I want to give special thanks to Jenn from Reddit, because without her generosity, we may have never been able to obtain one of these savefiles. She did promise to supply her personal experience/memory of the event and any details, so when she does, that will be shared here as well.
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