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  1. Thank you @agentman for your contributions! That's amazing! Where did you get these from? eBay? Sorry about that. Well as you might already know all these Mew in that era (since Nintendo Space World '97) were distributed via these special machines and it's always the same data, with the exception of ID and OT. We have already collected some and even obtained "distribution cartridges" filled with them and I think it might just got lost in the shuffle. Personally I also have to admit that I'm not too familiar with what has been distributed internationally, I'm usually more focused on the unlocalized distributions. These are still amazing contributions regardless and especially with the Surfing Pikachu you got my attention now. The Mew looks fine, I'm still thinking about whether or not the Surfing Pikachu is real, unfortunately because this is the first one I've ever seen and I can't confirm if it is authentic based on the data alone... What we do is building a database by collecting verified data, then we analyze the data and see what can be used for legality analysis. The main problem is that within the data structure of a Pokémon in RGBYGSC, there isn't really anything that can be checked other than the Pokémon's parameter. There's no other way and in my opinion even nickname trash data aren't useful to determine legitimacy, because there actually isn't any trash data (usually it's all EOM). So what we really need is verified data, we need documents such as letters and certificates to determine that something is authentic. Then we have something we can check against to at least confirm that it's legal. Is there any chance to get more information from the seller? I fixed it. The NINTEN OT edit came from @SnorlaxMonster, reference was MewtwoSama's posts at AzureHeight where he claimed that he owns a NINTEN Mew. Since MewtwoSama never proved from which official distribution he got it from, I don't believe the story and if you want my opinion... it's just a myth. Somehow the NINTEN Mew myth got mixed up with Surfing Pikachu, or it's because in Japan they distributed it with the OT ニンテン. I even can imagine how the rumors started, there's a screenshot in Pokémon Power Volume 6 Jan. 1999 that shows Mew with the OT NINTEN and different stats, which was from a Pokémon Red/Blue version in debug mode. So everyone who saw this expected that they eould distribute it with this OT, what they actually distributed was a Mew with the OT MARIO. IIRC this was also the reveal of Mew in the US, so this is very similar to the Mew reveal in May 1996 issue of CoroCoro Comic showed a screenshot of a Mew with the OT ゲーフリ, but at the end it was distributed with the OT コロコロ. Also, the stats are different and from what I know all machine Mew had the same stats. You're right about this and I wouldn't be surprised if the Surfing Pikachu's OT really is "YOSHIRA", because like you said, the Pokémon was distributed via the same machine & software. What I'm more confused about is the nickname "PIKCHU"... and the irony is that it could be either mean that it's a really bad hack or that this is actually real. If it's real I wonder why would it would be this way... What I do know is that the localization was very simple, they even left the Japanese SGB border with "POCKET MONSTERS"... If the cause for the decision for the name was because the software wasn't perfect this might explain it, but it still doesn't make sense. In order to get the correct RAM locations to set the Pokémon's nickname they need the correct lengths. The Japanese versions of the Pokémon games have a name length of 5 characters while the international version have 10 characters, + one additional character which is always EOM. In theory it could be possible that they have taken this into account for the offset calculation but not for the name itself. It still wouldn't make sense because PIKCHU is 6 characters, also based on all the known OT names up to 7 characters are possible...
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