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    This event has been made available with the code V1CT0RYENG1NE25, announced during the Pokémon Players Cup Invitational stream. The Pokémon is based on the Wolfe Glick's Coalossal. As of LGPE, wonder cards are no longer stored in saves. As such, players will not be able to inject this event into their save using PKHeX. Wonder Card ID #0514: Coalossal Gift Species Coalossal TID 210813 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place Dates Aug 14 to Aug 16, 2021 PID Cannot Be Shiny Games SWSH Nature Modest Ability Steam Engine (1) Item Weakness Policy IVs EVs HP 31 68 ATK 0 0 DEF 31 4 S.ATK 31 252 S.DEF 31 4 SPE 31 180 Lv. 50 Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Protect Meteor Beam Heat Wave Solar Beam Battle Champion Ribbon Lang Slot Mon's Lang Nickname OT Name OT's Lang JPN Coalossal Wolfe ENG ENG Coalossal Wolfe ENG FRE Coalossal Wolfe ENG ITA Coalossal Wolfe ENG GER Coalossal Wolfe ENG SPA Coalossal Wolfe ENG KOR Coalossal Wolfe ENG CHS Coalossal Wolfe ENG CHT Coalossal Wolfe ENG Only One Redemption Allowed Format Ver.2.1.0-1b, Post Updated Date:20210814_1855
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