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  1. Project Pokémon does not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. While this community contains research, information, and utilities allowing people to alter the games' behavior or create their own Pokémon, we do not agree with using them against players who are unaware that significantly hacked Pokémon are in use because they are an unfair advantage and can ruin everyone's online experience. See "Significantly Hacked Pokémon" for details about what qualifies. What we do allow using cheats or significantly hacked Pokémon for: Private Collections In-Game Use Battling with friends locally if they are aware that your Pokémon are hacked Battling with friends online if you have exchanged Friend Codes and they are aware that your Pokémon are hacked What we do not allow using cheats or significantly hacked Pokémon for (will result in infractions if you do any of these): Online battles against unsuspecting opponents Link trades with unsuspecting players Random Match-ups Trading with GTS Trading through Surprise/Wonder Trade What we especially do not allow using cheats or significantly hacked Pokémon for (will result in an instant ban if you do any of these): Tournaments (official or otherwise) Promoting activities that could potentially result in safe file damage, account, or console bans for unsuspecting players (see Dangerous Activities below) Users asking for or knowingly providing cheats or significantly hacked Pokémon for use with online play will receive official warnings, as well as users participating in such discussion. If you see anyone who's clearly cheating, please report the post, and a staff member will take care of it as soon as possible. Please help us keep everyone's online experience as clean as possible by using hacks responsibly. Significantly Hacked Pokémon Please note that when we say "significantly hacked", we mean that a Pokémon's immutable state has changed. Any illegal Pokémon (that is, any Pokémon that cannot ever be obtained using official methods) is also considered "significantly hacked". If official legality checks determine a Pokémon of yours is hacked, then it qualifies as "significantly hacked", and falls under the policy outlined above. Examples of edits that define significantly hacked Pokémon include: Species PID IVs Pokéball OT What is not considered "significantly hacked" includes shortcut-ted efforts, clones, or any edits that could be made in-game using official methods. Examples of edits that do not count as significantly hacked: Maxed out EVs (but not over the maximum) Experience Egg steps Changing an ability using an Ability Capsule Legal form changes Legal move combinations While I think the description above covers everything, if you have any questions about what counts as cheating, feel free to PM a moderator (like me). Dangerous Activities Some edits can be dangerous, and are just not worth it, as they can result in save file corruption, account, or console bans. This includes but is not limited to the following: Hacked raids Sword/Shield Egg Glitch Pokémon HOME transfers
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