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  1. I know that this is an old thread and it's been over two years but I still wanted to inform you that I'm doing some research now. I just figured out that the flags are at location 0x0212E44A, setting each Special Mission's bit sets them back to "NEW!". in my case for example since I have all 4 missions in the game there are 4 bits (0-3), starting with bit 0 for the Manaphy Egg Mission and ending with bit 3 for the Mew Mission. I also learned that they originally planned 7 Special Missions. Edit: I just remembered that someone already figured this out. But it's a different location which is kinda weird...
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  2. Make sure your ROM is unmodified and turn off any cheats.
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  3. By the way... A save file with all 3 DLCs which includes WMission (Deoxys Mission & Manaphy Mission), the Celebi Mission & the Mew Mission was uploaded on this website in April: https://ux.getuploader.com/savedate/download/226 This is awesome since @BlackShark and I were searching for the Mew Mission all over the web. I'm really happy about that we finally were able to collect all the Missions. The only bad side about this is that they have already been cleared and the Manaphy Egg has already been sent. But maybe with a bit of research it might be possible to revert it back as if it was fleshly downloaded. For more Information about the Distribution Events check here: http://pf.ksrn.net/game/ranger/special_mission.html
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