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    Version February 18th 2020


    All of the 920+ Pokemon in this save file are legal and will pass as legit. Every pokemon that can legally be obtained as a shiny has its shiny form in the save file, the other pokemon are there in non-shiny form. 90% of the Pokemon in this save file were hatched/captured in USUM meaning that they can be used on battlespot. The first evolutions of almost all of the Pokemon will be level 1; the middle evolutions are often level 70. A majority of the final stage evolution pokemon are a smogon set. I hope this save helps some people out there. All of the complete 806 pokemon sets I could find online were either completely riddled with illegal pokemon, or all of the pokemon only knew 1 move; that is not the case with this save file. Enjoy ! Youtube Video showcasing the savefile: https://youtu.be/-YBj6WgP_ro
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone I'm a new user and I want to share a save of my complete game with all competitive pokemon, the language of the game is in Spanish but with the pkhex you can edit the id and all that. You also have some teams created so you can use them freely to your liking. I hope I can help someone and if they want I can also share my other games 100% of each game
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    Thank you so much for the response! :)
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    The folder should only have the "main" file inside. Remove any "Copy".
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    I'm not to familiar with PokeFinder, but does it give you the option to find a Method 1 spread? If you can search PIDs using Method 1 use that since the Lapras that you get in Silph Co. uses Method 1.
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    After reading this I went ahead and did some research on the effects of exclusive items. I expected them to be hardcoded and basically impossible to edit, but turns out they are not! You can change the effects of exclusve items or add new ones with some hex editing. Here's what I found out: There is a table inside arm9.bin that goes from 0x98568 to 0x98CD9 which contains one entry for every exclusive item in the game, including the last 48 dummy items at the end of the list. Each entry has 2 bytes: The first one is the ID of the effect the item has, which ranges from 0 to 0x80 (Both included, 0 means no effect) The second one is used to address the stat buffs table (see below). 0 means the item does not buff any stats. I guess you replaced some of the unused items, so to give them an effect you just need to go to the part of the table corresponding to the unused entries (It starts at 0x98c80, every entry is 00 00 from that point on) and change the values there for each item. This is the list of effects: (I have checked only some of the random chances, but it seems that they are always the same for similar effects) The stat buffs table starts at 0x9852C and ends at 0x98567, right before the effect table. It has 15 entries, each one is 4 bytes long. Each of the 4 bytes indicates how much each stat is buffed by the item (Order: Atk, Def, SpAtk, SpDef) For example, if an exclusive item has its second byte on the effect table set to 3, the buffs granted by it can be found at 0x9852C+4*3 = 0x98538 = [10, 0, 10, 0]. An item with this value would increase attack and special attack by 10. So if you want an item to just give a stat boost you would need to set its first byte on the effect table to 0 and the second one to 1-14, depending on the stats you want to increase. Keep in mind that you can't change the values on the stat buffs table without affecting every other item which uses the same entry there. Getting the items to show up in Croagunk's swap is going to be trickier though. If you look at the list you will see that all the items that follow the *, *, **, *** pattern are together between position 506 and 1013. The game only checks if you have the required items to create higher rarity ones within that range, that's why yours don't appear on the list. Fixing that would require to write a rom hack that changed the behaviour of the code that does those checks and then create a patch to apply the changes on the rom.
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    Happy New Year, ProjectPokémon! I finished adding Rowlet to Explorers of Sky. It does not replace any existing mon, but one of the unused dummies in the files. I wanted to share the results with the forum. The files can be downloaded following this link. EDIT: female Rowlet was glitched due to me copypasting the same information for both male and female entities and forgetting to switch the actual gender. In the current download it is fixed, as well as adding Dartrix and Decidueye's data but not their proper sprites (I will finally start working on them). The latter means the download now has three folders for portraits and .xml files for Dartrix and Decidueye, which need to be dragged alongside Rowlet's. In order to install, it is recommended to follow these steps: Create a new Solution for your rom with SkyEditor. We'll use this tool for starter and portrait editing. In case you need a tutorial for initiating those mods, evadinxon explained how it works: Drag the files in the "SkyEditor files" folder into your Portrait mod folder. The latter is found in your SkyEditor solution's folder after creating its respective project (see tutorial above). As for the starters, modify both leader and partner options as you wish. In order to include Rowlet, you'll need to put the first dummy right after Giratina's second entry as an available option. Do not forget to save the starter editing file. Replace the "BaseRom/Raw Files/data/MONSTER" files with the ones provided in the "data/MONSTER" folder of the download link. This step can be made at any time before making the rom in the final step, but it is very important to get it done as it contains all of Rowlet's overworld sprites. Next, we are going to make use of psy_commando's StatsUtil tools and tutorial, specifically the ones in the following post. We are not using the StatsUtil utility available in SkyEditor because the strings do not seem to be modified (and thus Rowlet would appear as "??????????" which we do not desire). We build the Solution (after saving everything) in SkyEditor, and then we have two options: either drag the new rom into the recently provided "pmd2_modding_setup" folder and extract the rom files following the tutorial, or add manually the edits available in the Starter and Portrait mod folders to our main BaseRom folder (that is, by dragging all Raw Files folders found in those two mods to the one found in BaseRom), then take the new Raw Files to the "pmd2_modding_setup" directory renamed as "rom". I suggest this second method due to issues I had while trying extract the ROM following psy_commando's tutorial, but theoretically both methods should work. Drag the pokenames.txt in the "StatsUtil files (which has two options depending of your ROM: EUR or USA)" folder to the "pmd2_modding_setup" directory, then follow the decompilling step in psy_commando's tutorial. Drop the rest of the files found in "StatsUtil files" again to the "pmd2_modding_setup" directory, then go to romstats/pokemon_data and delete 0537___________.xml (you should now have 0537_Rowlet.xml next to it). This is to avoid any possible problem for having unneccesary files. Another note regarding this step is that we have a 0536_Giratina.xml file. Replacing the old one with ours is required for Rowlet's stats growth, as the program displaces this particular data by one entry. Giratina-O is not affected by this (tested in my most recent EoS run). Press "3a_CompileEverythingAndMakeRom" and the Rowlet-enhanced rom should appear as rom.nds there! Didn't open my own thread as it is still fairly incomplete: Dartrix and Decidueye are in the data, but their sprites are the same as Rowlet's, and some little details (species items, the footprint) need to be implemented. I also wanted to showcase how useful psy_commando's tools (and SkyEditor too) can be. The Rowlet line cannot appear in any dungeon at the moment as encounters cannot be modified, so it will have to either be your starter or the partner. Credits to: psy_commando and evadinxon for their tools, which are the basis of this project. End45, for helping me out with the stats growths and strings issues. The user Nightmare from Pokémon Reloaded: el foro (hope this doesn't count as advertising). My sprites are heavily based on his walking, attack and damaged animations. All those who gave (or give, if this post is well received) feedback to my posts. That is all. If by any chance you want all Rowlet's graphics separately, it is here as well as in my first post.
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