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    Now it's time to create the modpack. Creating a Modpack Click File -> New Solution. Enter the requested information. The name what you want the modpack to be called. This must be something that can be in a filename, as no error checking is currently done (pending #31). Under "type", choose "DS Modpack". Under "Location", choose or create any directory with a decent amount of free space. The modpack and all child mods will be created inside a subfolder of this directory, which is referred to as the solution directory. When you're done, click OK. Go through the wizard that appears. The first step is just an introduction. Read it, then click "Next >". The second step asks for a ROM. You can give it any decrypted 3DS or NDS ROM. For the purpose of this tutorial, I'll be using Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. After you browse to a supported ROM, click the Extract button, and wait for the extraction to complete. When it's done, click the Finish button. Click File -> Save -> Save Solution. You can get away without doing it, but if there's a problem further on, this will keep you from needing to repeat these steps. I recommend doing this before and after every time you create, edit, or delete projects. Refer to "Opening a Modpack" below for instructions on how to reopen this solution. In the Solution Explorer, expand Directory. Right-click Directory. (If you don't see any context menu items, try left-clicking it, then right-clicking it.) Then click Create Project. You should be presented with this window: Like when creating a solution, make sure the Name you choose doesn't contain any invalid path characters. Making Mods There's a lot of different mods you can make. Please refer to these pages for descriptions of them: All Games (NDS and 3DS) Generic Mod Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Starter Mod Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Starter Mod Portrait Mod Background Mod Stats Util Project Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Script Mod Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Starter Mod Portrait Mod Model Mod Script Mod Opening a Modpack If you close Sky Editor after saving the solution, here's how to reopen it. Click File -> Open -> Open (Auto-Detect File Type). Browse to the directory you chose in step 2 of the previous section. Then open the directory matching the name you chose. Choose the file ending in "*.skysln". If you do not see a file with that extension, and you are 100% sure you are looking in the right location, you did not save your modpack and will need to recreate it. Your solution is now open, and you can continue at step 5 in the previous section.
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    You'll run into issues as the sprites are not the same dimension. PKHeX segregates the two dimensions so that there's no window that displays both sizes/either size. HOME will be out sometime next month, and should have all the non swsh sprites in big size. Hopefully.
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    This helps a lot. I dont normally use bulbapedia but i did see this exact image. Unfortunately i Thought it was just organized weirdly and didnt put together that those moves “equal” each other in a sense. Thanks a lot!!
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    Hello everyone, been a while since I posted cheat codes here, however I am back with something that I feel should have existed years ago but unfortunately never saw the light of day. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced a method that allows you to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen. This method was called Pokemon migration, and how this method worked was pretty straight forward, you simply would stick one of the five generation three titles in slot-2 of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, in doing so Pokemon Diamond and Pearl would have the ability to migrate Pokemon stored in the PC boxes of your generation three game cart, allowing you to move your previous team over to the new generation. However there was a really bad drawback to the process that made it time consuming to use, the drawback was you had to wait a full 24 hours before you could migrate more Pokemon again (after migrating six Pokemon), there has been a way around it in the past, however that loophole still required some time to do. For years it annoyed me a little bit because I didn't like having to wait a full day to migrate more Pokemon. So last night I decided to sit on the idea a bit and see if maybe I could find something about this limitation in the game with my current knowledge and see if I could put something together to either stop or bypass the limitation. The task wasn't easy since most of the data in memory is dynamic rather than static, however I got what I was looking for and I can officially say, you no longer need to wait 24 hours to migrate Pokemon anymore in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Before someone mentions HeartGold and SoulSilver, the limitation was removed for those titles so I didn't have to make anything for HeartGold or SoulSilver, I will say however that the data for said limitation still exists in the code, and it actually works, however it doesn't function completely to stop the player from migrating multiple times. So without further ado, I present to you, a cure to a bad drawback for the generation four series! Note: I will not guarantee this list to be finalized as I may improve the codes more to prevent any sort of issues these codes may bring to their respected games. I prefer being thorough about making codes so I can ensure only the best for everyone and not some silly joke(s). Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Remove 24 Hour Limitation for Migrations Cheats Pokemon - Diamond/Pearl Version (USA/Europe): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4D28 00000000 B21C4D28 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Version Diamant/Perle (France): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4EA8 00000000 B21C4EA8 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Versione Diamante/Perla (Italy): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4E08 00000000 B21C4E08 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Edicion Diamante/Perla (Spain): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4EC8 00000000 B21C4EC8 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Diamant/Perl-Edition (Germany): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C4E68 00000000 B21C4E68 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters DP - Dialga/Palkia (Korea): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C2328 00000000 B21C2328 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Diamond (Japan) (Beta): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621DD744 00000000 B21DD744 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621DD744 00000000 B21DD744 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Diamond/Pearl (Japan) (Rev 6): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 621C66C8 00000000 B21C66C8 00000000 00019484 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Platinum Pokemon Platinum Remove 24 Hour Limitation for Migrations Cheats Pokemon Platinum Version (USA/Europe): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Version Platine (France): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101F20 00000000 B2101F20 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Versione Platino (Italy): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101EA0 00000000 B2101EA0 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Edicion Platino (Spain): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101F40 00000000 B2101F40 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pokemon - Platin-Edition (Germany): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101EE0 00000000 B2101EE0 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters Pt - Giratina (Korea): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62102C40 00000000 B2102C40 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Pocket Monsters - Platinum (Japan): Remove 24 Hour Limitation (Press Select) 94000130 FFFB0000 62101140 00000000 B2101140 00000000 0000CD8C 00000000 D2000000 00000000
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    I am very relieved that this information is finally going public. In late 2018 and early 2019, myself, YoshiMoshi, and a couple others unnamed decided to put in full effort to dig up the proof of what ourselves and community had suspected for years in regards to the GBA distribution carts being sold on eBay. YoshiMoshi and I took upon the task of rewriting a devcart, and the two unnamed dug into the actual sales market. Well after a ton of work being more lengthy than I can even remember to detail, so much information had been compiled to prove every aspect of this dirty and manipulative market that we suspected was being monopolized by individual( s ) since approximately 2014. Basically if you were one of the elite few private collectors or hoarders with access to an ultra rare rom, and happened to either have fully working rare official dev hardware AND software, or with a lot of digging found an obscure compiled custom fork of FAS1 (un-compiled source code was very old and required proper knowledge to modify and update in order to compile yourself), all you'd have to do is buy a cheap GBA devcart for approx $100-$400, then sell it anywhere between $1000-$3000 for mass profit. I don't really need to go into what I've been telling people one-on-one about this, InsaneNutter's post is pretty much a mirror of that. Key things I will reiterate which you should keep in mind: One, approximately 5 or less devices per event should exist, as before Gen IV distribution carts were not mass produced for nationwide events, rather held at select few cities around the world. The vast amount of 10ANNIV and Aurora Ticket cartridges that have sold over the years certainly does not account for this very simple fact. Two, the carts used at the events were sealed into a GBA/GBA SP via a screwed on metal brace and secured with official Nintendo non-tamper tape. No one in their right mind would physically damage the device and its physical value in order to dump the rom, when with a bit of research during that time period it can teach you how to dump the rom via the link port. Even with the possibility of a fool decision by an owner, it still certainly does not to account for all the loose carts being sold. How many sealed units have you ever seen for sale? Most likely none. How many pictures have you seen of a particular event's device that was not from the same photo session? Most likely one set. How many loose carts have you seen for sale? Many if you've kept an eye on this stuff for a long time. The nature of this market speaks for itself when you consider all the facts. Do not buy loose GBA distribution carts if your goal it to obtain something original or a piece of history. If you are a physical collector, suffice with finding a cheap devcart to rewrite, you'll save a ton of money and the insult of being scammed. I hate to say it's a lost cause if you want an original sealed unit, but all I can say is I wish you a ton of luck, they never pop up for sale and I think all have settled with permanent owners for many years now. They all appeared originally on NintendoAge around 2012, supposedly after the Nintendo HQ in Germany had its physical properties liquidated. All were seemingly sold and I think most never showed up for sale again, other than maybe an occasional private deal behind the scenes. With my retirement in March, I left an infodump containing the devcart writing details and some rather controversial market information with the preservation team and told them to make it public sometime in 2019 when they were ready. I figured the last thing I could do to benefit the community before calling quits is doing what was necessary to finally get the filthy sales market to start imploding, and to help people from being scammed, all by providing the knowledge we had obtained. With time and more public exposure that would surely happen. Look what happened with Mystery Mew FireRed cart sales since the savefiles were finally publicized in early 2016. Very few pop up for sale anymore, and when they do they do not sell quickly and sit for a long time, until the listing is either pulled or an uneducated person comes along, and usually not sold at high prices. Initially these types of things being public allows scammers to jump on a train and make some money for a small window of time, but with that they could also flood the market and raise suspicion to the cautious buyer who will then do research. With time and more and more public exposure, these dirty markets will eventually be destroyed. You can't always cry about not doing something like this because of the potential negative risks, someone HAS to take the first step towards balancing the scales. Like InsaneNutter said, at this point the damage has already been done over the last 6 or so years, keeping this information private only benefits the scammers to keep doing what they've been doing. Certain aspects of the information obtained related to the sales market I had also initially hoped to be public, but it is indeed controversial as it would be severely and directly attacking a particular individual who has indulged in these activities. As InsaneNutter said we're not about causing drama, only providing knowledge. As InsaneNutter also said, the diligent person can find this information if they really want to, as it is in private circulation. Despite the knowledge it would provide, it would be rather inappropriate and unprofessional for us to post that stuff on the forums. Myself personally, I do not want to be responsible for putting anyone under direct public attack, regardless of circumstances. They may not have a conscience but I do. What is absolutely necessary to know has been made public with this thread. The photos InsaneNutter provided above are mostly new to the public, we found those as well. As noted earlier, very few sets of photos exist of these devices. I wanted to leave off this post by pointing out the European Eon Ticket. This was something I initially wanted to maybe try tracking down in 2019, but the flame of interest for Pokemon and video games at that point was fully gone for me. Suffice to say no one has found it yet, I'm not even sure if any effort had been put into it because the loose leads toward it were ancient and unlikely to yield results. However this proves it does indeed exist with a private collector, so the rom is more than likely dumped and out there. Do not give up hope for preserving more distribution software in the future. With Christmas next week, the final distribution project I worked on from 2018 will finally culminate over a year later with it's publicity on the 25th. This stuff is out there, and when we think we've hit the end, things always pop up again and again. A recent example being the Gen 2 and 3 PCNY softwares. I recently even heard a rumor about another GBA rom that may be out there. It's also wise to keep an occasional eye on auction sites like Mercari Japan and Yahoo Japan, where YoshiMoshi found the first publicly known Japanese distribution cart in 2018. I'd like to think that public preservation of Pokemon rarities will continue for many years to come, it's essential to the future of the fanbase for decades to come. That's true whether you realize it or not, and one day in the distant future this data will be too long past for anything new to have a chance of showing up, despite what the lack of existing publicly is robbing of the fans that will, and already have, come and gone.
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    I've made most of my builds in PKHeX just I need someone to import them in the game and trade them over, I would gladly appreciate that. Here are the files, thanks. 196 - Espeon - 480800000000.pk8 479-02 - Rotom - FB3800000000.pk8 816 ★ - Sobble - 8EB300000000.pk8 849-01 ★ - Toxtricity - 71B800000000.pk8 882 ★ - Dracovish - 848700000000.pk8 888 - Zacian - C60C00000000.pk8 889 - Zamazenta - E53200000000.pk8 222-01 ★ - Corsola - 793500000000.pk8
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    Version 1.0.0


    Save 1: Beginning: Solana has arrived in Fiore and passed her tests to become a Pokémon Ranger! Escort Professor Hastings through Lyra Forest! Save 2: Summerland: Having aided the inhabitants of Fall City, now Solara must find clues about the Go-Rock Squad's doings in Summerland! Save 3: Jungle Relic: Solana, Plusle, Lunick and Minun have located the Jungle Relic to face 3 of the 4 challenges there! What they were not told, is that this is an ancient temple for Entei... Save 4: Wintown: The Time has come to infiltrate the Base of the Go-Rock Squad in the north! Solana is to provide a distraction, so that the mission succeeds! Save 5: Fiore Temple: Solana, Plusle, Lunick and Minun are about to face the Leader of the Go-Rock Squad atop the Temple of Fiore, the temple for the Eeveelutions and the Legendary Beasts! Save 6: Postgame: Rangernet: A hostile Deoxys has been discovered! Rangernet: A Celebi has been seen near the Lyra Forest Shrine being endangered by Go-Rock Squad Members! Rangernet: A Mew has been discovered and should be studied! (Use the help of Shedinja at the Jungle Relic in the North) Rangernet: A Manaphy Egg has washed up on shore! Go to the Fall City Ranger Base, to begin a sequence of events, that will lead Solana to Kyogre! Go to Ring Town to speak with Hayate, to begin a sequence of Events that will lead Solana to Groudon! Save 7: Rayquaza: Solana must head north to capture the Rayquaza atop Fiore Temple! (You should not need to do this, but here it is any way: After completing the game, enter any of these codes for the Manaphy Egg Mission! Activate the "Enter Password -menu in Ranger Net with: X+R+Left" US - P8M2-9D6F-43H7, UK - Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8, French - DY4g-k28S-QB9F, German - R3d4-cv2S-WC7W, Spanish - C58f-t3WT-Vn79, Italian - FH38-fwD8-5S2a)
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    Version 0.2


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