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    Thank you very much for your help !
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    In any case, the intent for this thread appears to be asking for the Funfest Celebi. Let's stop going off-topic, shall we? (if you want to debate about what is and isn't the case, head over to our debate sub-forum) If anyone wants to contribute the event, upload it here. (And yes, I'm putting that out there. As much as I personally doubt it, there is still a chance that there are people who come to our forum, that may not know we are trying to archive Gen 1 & 2 events. They may be here for different reasons) If you have the event, but do not know how to get it dumped for an upload, also leave a response here. edit: I removed all off-topic posts, but kept the first response that led to it. Reason being, it was a simple response telling the OP to not get their hopes up. Cheers ya all
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    I'm not allowed to edit the main post so you can download the latest version below: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=329029 (link appears to be dead?) Our page here: Update. ---v0.4.7.4 - Lyra has been partially replaced with Leaf. - Gender Selection screen now has proper Red/Leaf sprites. - Red's sprite is now shown when using HMs/swimming. - Nidoran is now shown instead of Marill on the intro. - ROM icon replaced with a red one. - Fixed Flashcart compatability.
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