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    I finally found it. It is a 2 byte value, that is XORed with the lower 2 bytes of the security key. On the save file I attached, it can be found at 0x192d4. Side question: does the security key change every time one saves one's game? If @Kaphotics is interested at adding this to pkhex, I can find the value from all the GEN III games. test.sav
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    I've uploaded the latest updates for both Pokemon XG (v1.2.0) and Gale of Darkness/Colosseum tools (v1.0.1). Version 1.2.0 is the first version to take advantage of my new scripting language for XD so it took a while to make and a lot of time to test. Whereas I used to edit small sections of scripts at a time, GoD tool now completely rebuilds the scripts from scratch. This means there's a much smaller chance of human error but it also means that if there's the slightest bug in the scripting tool it could have unforeseeable consequences. I think everything is working fine now but if you do encounter any weird behaviour in the game then let me know as usual GoD tool and Colosseum tool have had a whole bunch of new features added and I've fixed all the bugs I could find so they should be a lot more reliable. I've tried to make them more intuitive but there is quite a lot there so I'll aim to make some tutorials in the near future. I'm also happy to announce that I've done most of the foundational work on hack tools for Pokemon Battle Revolution. It's still low priority for a while but it's very similar to XD in a lot of ways so it's been a relatively simple process. Replies to previous questions and comments: I appreciate the kind words
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    Patiently wait for a response, don’t bump the thread, thanks for the record, you’re having issues cause you’re playing on citra.. even if someone provide you the right save, you might have other issues playing through.. Anyhow, I don’t remember which save I uploaded here, but if it’s post elite 4 and delta episode is done, just uncheck rayquaza captured on PKHeX and it should allow the delta episode to be repeated. (based on my experience, I unchecked that to recapture Rayquaza, but instead I was subjected to the entire Delta Episode again)
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