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    I'm very happy to see that we've been able to preserve quite a handful of unique Gen I and II events over the last few years. The fact that most events of this era have already vanished with dying batteries makes this a crucial time to preserve them within these few remaining years of their lifespan. It seems that Reddit has been a very good place to find these, since in January we had the YOSHIRA Mew distribution cart savefile dumped, now this MARIO Mew, and hopefully if all goes as planned we'll very soon have a SpaceWorld97 ヨッシー Mew. It's something suloku and HaxAras brought to my attention a few months back, but due to real life priorities of the cart owner, messages between me and him so far are few and far apart. Thanks a ton to Gridelin, suloku, and Th4tGuyUKn0, seeing rare events preserved is one of the few things that keeps me interested in the franchise. It always feels like a great success. Hopefully future generations will appreciate these preservation efforts decades after we're no longer involved. Often times the goal surely isn't easy to achieve.
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    Wow! Amazing! Great job guys. What’s really great about this is that this pretty much confirms that the existence of the マリオ OT Name among others must be true, which just btw. were distributed at Space World 1997. The software for distributing MARIO Mew obviously was a localized version of the one they used in Japan and that explains the same DVs and choice of OT Names. Other OT names I heard about are クッパ -, ピーチ and just recently I learned aboutドンキー. I haven’t seen a single living example of マリオ Mew until now... But why would they distribute only ヨッシー and ルイージ without the most important Nintendo name, especially considering they had 10~ distribution units being used.
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    Happy to help! For once, holding onto that old stuff paid off. I hope it brings a lot of people joy. I know I was excited when I won the contest way back when! It's crazy to think that Pokemon is still such a big part of people's lives all these years later. A huge thanks to Suloku and Gridelin for reaching out. Otherwise this would still be sitting in a drawer.
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    Great job everyone and thank you to /u/Th4tGuyUKn0
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    Random DVs? That means they can be shiny! Still pray we'll be able to find more cardriges in future, especially NY ones, old gen1/3, Event Hidden Grotto ...
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    I usually just lurk and never log in. But I reset my password just to express how awesome this is! Thank you!
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    That SpaceWorld Mew would be incredible, but I can relate all too well to that struggle. I've been in contact with another redditor that had an Australian Cart with an event Mew, but they haven't gotten back to me in a while. I really enjoy preserving all Pokemon/Video Game related history, it's how I got involved in the redump project
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    I may be mistaken, but I thought I remembered hearing the space world demo was leaked by a store/seller in Japan that did it in part to prove that they had very rare Pokemon/Nintendo items; so I'm hopeful that some of these distribution devices are still out there!
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    Yeah... especially Gen 3 Events like Mystery Gifts (Egg Presents), a PCNY Disc and some Nintendo Download Play Apps. Damn, there are so many softwares I would like to take a look at for the sake of knowledge...
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    This is such a great tool. It helps people with "life" actually enjoy the game and play competitive.
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