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    @Lycp01 ありがとうございます! We thank you! Thanks for confirming that the sample.bin works with the Discs. And also for the detailed information about how to do it.
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    I'm interested in Event Pokemon that were based on individual Pokemon used to win tournaments. For example, the Pachirisu event that was released after Se Jun Park won Worlds 14 with a Pachirisu in his team. I can't find a comprehensive list of events like these. Can you help me identify them all? Some that I know already: Se Jun Park's Pachirisu (World Championship '14) Arash's Shiny Mamosine (VGC '14) Ray Rizzo's Shiny Metagross (VGC '13) Toler Webb's Ludicolo (VGC '13) Abram's Cloyster (VGC '13) Screenpeekaz's Shiny Machamp (Nationals '16) Any more would be greatly appreciated!
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    poor Argus and Purin you must always travel to the events to collect the Data if i could and live in japan, i would go there
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    Sounds complicated. But I'm happy if it's a more legal-feeling way to distribute Japanese Jirachi, to original Japanese Ruby and Sapphire carts.
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    Hello. This thread is great! Sorry, I'm from a country with Mount Fuji. My English is very childish. Well, I found a method to replace the "client.bin" of the "Ruby_And_Sapphire_Rev.gcm" with "sample0519.bin" & to receive the Negaiboshi Jirachi(GC -> GBA). An actual machine is also all right. If Start.dol's country code in the "Ruby_And_Sapphire_Rev.gcm" is USA and use the USA-Cart, WISHMKR's client.bin & client.2003_1112.bin did work. Of course, In that case, you don't need change it for the "Ruby.tgc" and the "pokedownload.tgc". Probably the issue that Broken GCM is output by GC-Rebuilder will be ISO alignment & fst problem. (Solving -> use gcit) I had difficulty in solving this issue. Then, I found "DAT Texture Wizard". This tool can replace gcm's files larger than original files & Add files! And furthermore, I found a gcm to tgc app. gcmtotgc I will write that method below. The Method to replace the "client.bin" of the "Ruby_And_Sapphire_Rev.gcm" with "sample0519.bin" & receive the Negaiboshi Jirachi(GC -> GBA). Simpler Actual machine Method Emu Actual machine(Old) Enjoy! Reference: Berry Glitch Fix & New Battery Glitch Fix When you use the Original "Ruby_And_Sapphire_Rev.tgc"("Ruby.tgc") on Battery exchanged actual-Cart, Berry Glitch fix may fail. Solution 1. RS Berry Glitch Fix: Savedata RTC Edit -> PkHex "RTC editor" What the Berry glitch is and how it was fixed 2. RSE New Battery Glitch Fix: actual-Cart RTC Edit -> rtcread.gba http://furlocks-forest.net/wiki/?page=Pokemon_Ruby/Sapphire_New_Battery_Glitch You must set the actual-Cart RTC Value bigger than the Savedata RTC Value. Memo: METEOR Jirachi was BCAD-R. Then, the seed is generated from checksum. And it is one jirachi per Game-Pak. Therefore, It was same as WISHMKR... If you have the suloku's JirachiSeeder_0.1b, You are able to set the origin seed. You open the recieved savedata with PKHex & select the "origin game"(Ex Sapphire). Press Ctrl + Click "legal check button". You will find the origin seed. All of members in the thread, thank you very much! I feel as if I were dreaming!
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    Will try to go, but not sure if I can go as early as April.
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