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    We will see. @Kirzi said with a similar event in Gen 6 they didn't do that.
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    It is possible that each distribution period will have another 6 wondercards. We will know based on the Trainer ID. The Trainer ID for all of the pokemon during this period is 180120. I expect it will change to 180203 for the next. If this is the case, there will be 36 total!
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    So they get nothing special in the end. SM ones get the movesets they have when encountered in the wild in USUM, whereas the USUM ones have Draco Meteor instead of their sigs, just in case you wanna have it but are too lazy to increase a Lv. 100 Mon's friendship in order to teach it yourself. Kinda underwhelming, if you ask me. Even Celebrate would have done to an extent, as it is somewhat useful when used as a Z move.
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    I did get a email about the event and if you click though it to the learn more for DIalga and Palkia it lists the movesets including the fact they have slightly different movesets between SM and USUM Link to movesets https://www.pokemonlegendary.com/en-us/distributions/detail/
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    But they wouldn't list Celebrate as an "awesome" move, right? ...Right? ...Okay, better not to get my hopes too high.
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    I don't really doubt Gold Ursaring's credibility either. Considering the Zubat is the only egg event that has an OT that differs from the savefile, it's a likely assumption that an undetected hack was traded to him at some point. Will be nice to confirm that though.
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    I don't think @Gold Ursaring gens Pokemon. I'll ask him and try to find out what happened.
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    I know this was mentioned four years ago by Metropolis, but it was never further addressed. Can we account for the one misspelling of a Typhlosion nicknamed "THYPLOSION" as being legitimate? As far as I can figure, it makes the legality questionable. Other Typhlosions from the PCNYb machine don't do this to the nickname string. Though I suppose the early TID(00031) may indicate a typo in the distribution rom that was soon fixed. But I'd figure the PCNYa/c/d machines would also have the bug early on since their roms are undoubtedly identical other than OT. I don't know. Just speculation, but I find it odd. I at least wanted to address it further. Then there's an odd case with the Flail Zubat. All other PCNY Egg events have a Met Location, at Level 1, and Time of Day. The Zubat has (None) for both, and met at Level 0. Since these were hatched, I can't blame it on the distribution machine. So this one is even more odd to me and more questionable.
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    Hmmmm... I'd have hoped for otherwise illegal moves...
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    When I said pc I meant the one in your secret base, just checked and dolls are there.
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    Just hope "awesome moves" means some event-exclusive thing and not just their signature + 3 (good) moves we could teach them in-game.
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    If you flip one line of code in BFG, it will generate normal BACD events like wshmkr, but with antishiny. It looks like the generation function remained virtually the same between NegaiBoshi & Pre-Standard (GCEA) minus the copy/paste fuck up with Wshmkr. The standard generation is pretty similar too actually. They just refined it for later distribution types and made it more robust so it didn't require stuff to be done before calling it. The way they used the generation function (doing weird seeding, lookup table then calling generation function, etc) was different.
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    Ok, since I like doing side quests and all that stuff, it's gonna take some time for me to reach farther points of the story, so I'm uploading what I have for now, regarding the ones that I originally missed from the first and second trials: 1st Trial: 019-01 - Rattata - 9894ED4A2BE9 (Wild 1).pk7 019-01 - Rattata - 41F7FBB9C9D6 (Wild 2).pk7 020-01 - Raticate - CC01FDBA5153 (Wild).pk7 734 - Yungoos - 0A758472F501 (Wild 1).pk7 734 - Yungoos - 89E32855D28A (Wild 2).pk7 735 - Gumshoos - D644CCDE822D (Wild).pk7 735-01 - Gumshoos - B3D334C29C3F (Totem).pk7 734 - Yungoos - 31BC765B20AA (Totem's Ally).pk7 I must point out that both wild Rattata/Yungoos (recpectively) are technically identical. I dumped'em as separate Mons just for the sake of completion. Also, by checking abilities and movesets, Raticate and his underlings seem to be easier than their Yungoos/Gumshoos counterparts (even more than I thought by the typing itself). 2nd Trial: 751 - Dewpider - 070F273AD427 (Wild 1).pk7 746 - Wishiwashi - 4D7FA35CE0C8 (Wild 1).pk7 751 - Dewpider - 4686C2074333 (Wild 2).pk7 746 - Wishiwashi - EC28AF5AC2EE (Wild 2).pk7 Again, both Dewpider and both Wishiwashi are identical, but as I previously said, completion Also... Got some more uncatchable Mons in addition to these ones: 019-01 - Rattata - 0B7D85921069.pk7 - First wild encounter in UM, when half the grass path after getting starter has been walked; nature apparently set to Mild, and ability set to Gluttony; just like ambush encounters, seems to ignore repels (though no repels are legitimately obtainable at that point). 734 - Yungoos - C0CC88DE70E7.pk7 - Same as the Rattata above, but exclusive to US and ability set to Stakeout (still ability 1). 021 - Spearow - 1529ECFC1BF4.pk7 - Fought in Plank Bridge before saving Nebby. Has a "special" moveset: regular Lv. 4 Spearow should have Peck, Growl and Leer; this one doesn't have Growl and has got Pursuit instead of Peck, most likely to prevent it from wiping out Rowlet (which not only has type disadvantage but both attacking moves it should have at that point are physical, and therefore hindered by Growl). Note: The UM-exclusive Rattata and Raticate that I missed before were now dumped by loading my US save from UM at the required points
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    why is the japanese Giovanni a rip-off of that shiny vampire dude?
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    Imagine it's just "celebrate", you know, to celebrate the year of legendary Pokemon.
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