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    Thats a kommo-o thats part of the japanese trailer that got released today
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    Its looking like an excuse to sell some new t-shirts lol
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    Hiroshima Pokemon center has ran Magikarp events before, so who knows if they'll add it last minute XD Link for said article: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2017/09/170929_p01.html
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    Looks like a promotion for Hiroshima Pokemon Center and Pokemon Center Online. The brand Carp collaborates with Pokemon Center, to produce a Magikarp Shirt made by Carp. Source link?
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    Yeah, @ 2:04 Kommo-o and Arcanine double battle, matches that screenshot. I figured people were jumping to conclusions, that screenshot was too blurry to confirm/deny anything IMO.
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    Please use the report button instead of replying We generally have too much work to do and don't clean up dead threads for no reason.
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    Are you up for the challenge? This is fun and I didn't saw this being posted in the forum, so I thought I would like to share it: http://www.pokemon.jp/special/nakigoe151/
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