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    To add to that: Read through @SciresM's excellent writeup on the topic of game encryption. That aside, a seed shouldn't go up even just a second earlier. The time it goes live seems to be some kind of automatic mechanism as far as I know. However, it seems that occasionally, it is unlocked for short periods of time; I presume that is part of testing (from the linked writeup: "The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, for example, had its content lock seed published a month before its release date, despite being pre-purchasable. This meant that anyone who was paying attention could have been playing that game several weeks in advance, though I don't know that anyone publically exploited this."). However, I'd be surprised if Nintendo hadn't stepped up their security and stopped testing in production after those blunders.
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    Perhaps I was too innocent as a child, or maybe I just didn't pay attention back then, but now I had a good laugh when I saw this Meganium:
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    Nobody can't tell you how to play it early because there's no way anyone got the needed seeds yet. Traiver has the original games. I already have them as well. But that's all. Without the seeds you can only partially decrypt the games (they have multiple decryption layers) and those won't be published until the release date (maybe a few hour earlier).
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    Not sure if this is the right place as I don't know how much of a breakthrough this is so mods please let me know if this should be moved elsewhere. There's been multiple posts asking about how to remove the banned Pokemon restrictions on Battle Maison in X/Y/ORAS (Some people are even offering bitcoin incentives to have this figured out). I've spent pretty much the entire day working on this/trying to figure this out but for the life of me could not, so to have this day not go to waste I'd like to share some of the progress/things I found out and discovered along the way. Hopefully someone out there can pick this project up and finish working on it. So how do you remove the Battle Maison restrictions? My conclusion, after a lot of experimenting, is that you have to edit the DllBattlePartySelect.cro file. Here are my reasons: 1) After messing with that .CRO file, I rebuilt romfs using PK3DS, loaded the patch using Hans, and my game was running completely fine up until the point where the Battle Maison lady asks me to select Pokemon. The game freezes at a black screen and I'm forced to power off. 2) I messed with DllBattlePartySelect.cro by reading it through a Hex editor. Call me crazy, call this a conspiracy theory, but there are 31 instances of the Hex-value sequence "FE FF EB" in that file, and there are exactly 31 Pokemon banned in Battle Maison. Now I know it's been said before that CRO files can't be edited, and if they do then the game just crashes, but after some research I came across this thread and heard people saying that CRO editing works with Luma3DS (I use Gateway3DS for launching Hans using homebrew). So I spent time setting up Luma and between the CRO resigner and Luma I couldn't get anything to work lol. After patching static.crr with cro_tool.exe the game wouldn't boot so I used the old static.crr, and patching the romfs into a .cia file for Luma3DS didn't work either... So in short, editing DllBattlePartySelect.cro by modifying the 31 iterations of the "FE FF EB" hex values is my best guess at figuring out how to remove Battle Maison restriction (I am using Alpha Sapphire, sorry if that becomes relevant). The million-dollar question is figuring out how to edit CRO files using a Hex Editor without having the game crash. Maybe Kaphotics or SciresM would know how to do this. I know there are some CRO editing capabilities that Pk3DS has, but still no way to edit that golden DllBattlePartySelect.cro file. Edit 9/24: Solved for ORAS. Still need to find the garc location for X/Y (if anyone really cares). As well as for SuMo's Battle Tree. 80% sure this will be the same for Ultra Sun and Moon, but it would be naive for me to say that about a game that hasn't even been released yet. EDIT 9/25: Confirmed working for Sun and Moon. tl;dr: GARC location for ORAS is a/1/7/0, for SuMo it is a/1/3/7. Replace the bytes quoted by Kaphotics with 0's and you're good to go! EDIT 9/26: You can now remove Soul Dew clause in Gen 6 games, rendering the banlist completely lifted! The only type of Pokemon to still be banned in Battle Maison is one whose total EVs exceed 510 (this is allowed in SM, don't ask).
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    Both pokemon 460 - Abomasnow - ED4A0C39F889.pk6 664 - Scatterbug - 110D55098845.pk6
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    There were animations, in the same style as Lycanroc's animation, which Lycanroc's animation was then revealed to be a new Z move right! That certainly gives a chance for Mimikyu and togedemaru to have their own Z moves too!
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    Yeah i can upload it and i can get the abomasnow aswell Need to rebuild a new rom for it and switch the pidgey encounter with the abomasnow one after work ill get on it and upload both
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    I did manage to switch the encounters around i also found out why it wasn't working the first times yay update data
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    The problem is that the border isn't under control, so in a few decades, we'd all be having a similar discussion again. The DACA repeal won't take effect for like 6 months, which is hopefully enough time for a better solution. Seeing how many lawsuits there are, once people remember how the government works, I think Congress may look into another solution.
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    If I recall correctly, the Korean DS titles are compatible with all other language GBA carts, due to not having gen 3 releasing in Korean. (Maybe as a way to make up for the fact?) So if anyone has a DS flash cart with Korean roms (or the real Korean DS carts), and any of the non US language GBA carts, feel free to contribute migrated Pokemon from them, as I can't. I only have the US games at my disposal, and as mentioned before my Everdrive X5 won't get recognized by any of the DS games. So testing other gba languages isn't possible for me. I'll keep testing with these current "A" nickname saves for now, then maybe I'll submit a few more after you update them with blank names @ajxpk
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    Hmm, I'm not sure if this gets us anywhere, but I was able to successfully edit DllBattlePartySelect.cro and have the game run without the game crashing. The bad news is I got rid of a segment containing "FE FF EB" without any significant changes to the game, which makes me think this is not the likely culprit. Here's what I did... 1) I replaced offsets 000005D0x08 through 000005E0x07 with all 0's 2) Copied and pasted the cro_tool.exe file in the romfs folder, copied and pasted static.crr from the .crr folder to the romfs folder, then clicked and dragged this file onto cro_tool.exe, which supposedly is the way you're supposed to use cro_tools (it helps to have two separate File Explorers of the same romfs folder side by side). By the way, not doing this step will cause the game to not load, which is the original problem with CRO files. 3) Built the rom, then proceeded to test each and every pokemon that is banned in battle maison to see if it was unbanned. Turns out... they're all still banned, lol So in conclusion, it's possible to edit "FE FF EB" successfully, but this likely won't be the solution to removing the banlist. I tested all 31 banned pokemon plus any pokemon holding Soul Dew. All were still banned, but I did not test the egg. However, there being only 31 instances of this sequence and there being 31+egg+Soul Dew doesn't really add up.... Interestingly, the sequence "10 A0 E3" appears 66 times, and that is about how many different banned pokemon there are if you include their forms (ie. Mewtwo, Mewtwo X, Mewtwo Y, Arceus-Bug, Arceus-Ghost, etc etc). But this is again grasping at straws. The good news is that it IS possible to edit this CRO file while successfully getting the game to work. But replacing a large amount of the code with 0's will not work.... so the question is what did I actually affect when I performed Step 1 and how much of that can I do before the game decides to crash. Still, I am interested in your findings @ABZB so keep us posted! As an aside to you btw, are there any iterations of "10 A0 E3" in the SuMo CRO? I'm starting to think that since the data in the game when looking at the Pokemon data in whatever GARC it's in has separate Pokemon identifications for different forms, so is the case for the banlist. (ie. the game distinctly recognizes Mewtwo X as a different "species" than Mewtwo in its code. That's how pk3DS works and that's also how PKHeX works when looking at the source code, and that is also how the ROM data works when unpacking the garc file. PS: If my "10 A0 E3" theory is correct, and I did somehow make a change in Step 1 ("10 A0 E3" is within those offsets), then I would expect that one of the alternate Pokemon forms was unbanned. But I don't have the patience to go through every banned Pokemon form. Not tonight at least lol. Anyone else feel free to test it out. I'll leave this alone for now so it'll give me something to work on over the weekend. If this is the case, then the "FE FF EB" theory is not dead afterall, since it could very well correlate to Pokedex # (which is not the same as Pokemon species if you count megas/primordials as separate). *Edited* Formatting. Also wanted to say that I am now 99% positive that DllBattlePartySelect.cro is the file that contains the banned Pokemon. This is because if you look at my previous post on this thread, the garc file that I thought was the culprit turned out to change the appearance/User Interface of the "Battle Party Select" part of the game. When messing with the garc and messing with the cro I get the same issue of crashing at the same spot, but the garc I now know is responsible for the UI, so the cro has to be dealing with the content of that segment of the game (i.e. determining the legality of a Pokemon). It also fits intuitively with what the other CRO files do (picking out a starter pokemon, etc). And finally, I just want to say that once this is figured out for ORAS, it should not be at all different from SuMo, which I am also most certainly interested in removing the banlist for as well. Baby steps, but we are definitely getting somewhere now.... It's only a matter of time
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