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    RELEASE: VBA LINK + E-READER There is a VBA version with link cable emulation There is a VBA version with e-reader emulation compatible with raw files But there isn't a version with both emulations at the same time, that's why, using the source code of both versions, that's why I've done a merged version of both VBA in the same emulator. Here it is: I'm not the author of the link emulation nor e9reader emulation, I only mixed both versions in one. This is a merged of VBA-Link 1.73 (link since broken) created by denopqrihg and VBA-Reader created by caitsith (http://www.caitsith2.com/), they are the real authors of these emulations HOW TO EMULATE E-READER WITH POKEMON GAMES Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire JP The American version works exactly like the Japanese, but I'll post pictures of the Japanese version anyway, because the American version is already possible to emulate the e-reader with VBA Link and .sav files 0 - If you want to use an English save, rename the save to have the same name as the Japanese ROM, and the extension must be changed to sa1. For example if we have the ROM Ruby.GBA and Japanese Pokemon "Pokemon Ruby JP.gba" the save "Pokemon Ruby.sav" should be renamed to "Pokemon Ruby JP.sa1" 1 - Open the emulator twice 2 - Load the Rom of Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire in the first emulator and the Rom e-reader + JP in the second emulator 3 - Press start on both emulators 4 - Select the third option of the emulator with Pokémon Sapphire (Mystery Event) 5 - Select the first option in the second emulator . A popup will open , select a raw file corresponding to the version you are using, in my case Pokémon Sapphire JP 6 - Press A on the first emulator and that's it, you have loaded a Japanese trainer or berry 7 - Change back the name of the save as it was originally and you have a Japanese e-reader berry or trainer loaded in an American save Pokémon Emerald / FireRed / LeafGreen Japanese 0 - We can do the same with the saves but this time only with Pokémon Emerald. Japanese and non-Japanese saves for FireRed and LeafGreen are not compatible 1 - Download the following saves already prepared for e-reader (it's on the download page, file name being Pokemon E-Reader Saves.rar) 2 - Open the emulator twice 3 - Load in the first emulator an Emerald/FR/LG ROM and an e-reader + JP ROM in the second emulator 4 - On the emulator with the e-reader ROM select File -> Import -> Battery File and select one of the downloaded saves,corresponding to the game that we are using and click OK. A third option will appear 5 - Pikachu appears. Press A and select a raw file for the e-reader, in this case Pokémon Emerald 6 - A Sandsdrew and 7 holes more will appear and the raw file selection will be open again. At this point you can select up to 8 different cards. If you want to load less than 8 just press cancel on the file selection, then press B and select the first option 7 - Select the third option of the first emulator and press A twice in the first emulator 8 - Then press A on the second emulator. The Sandshrew will the start to move up and down. If all went well the first emulator will restart, indicating that the data loaded properly 9 - Now the trainers will be available on the Trainer Hill. In this case you cant put back in the save in the English versions because the Trainer Hill is incompatible with e-reader and have fixed trainers Source Code All versions of VBA publish the source code and I will not be less (source code has been added to the download page) Huge Thanks VBA-Team for creating the emulator denopqrihg for the link emulation caitsith for e-reader emulation ad2099 to testing this emulator and the save for FireRed & LeafGreen
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    Version 1.0.2


    Based on our discovery regarding Local Events being held in RAM, I've made a mini program that'll dump WC7FULL files that are held in RAM. (and of course, you must have a copy of said RAM dump to use this program) While the program can show up to 10 entries, I've programmed it to dump up to 25 entries. [Hypothetically speaking, there are unused spaces that can fit up to 25; in reality it may not be the case] This program has drag&drop support!
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    Based on existing RAM Dumps, I've made a mini program to easily dump the WC7FULL out of the ram dumps! So far it only reads from the same addresses, and works with the RAM we got from ROC previously! edit: it's been updated for more dynamic searching.
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