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    @Invader TAK of course. I forgot to mention that. But Emerald wasn't released until almost 1 year after the Distribution happened. @Purin Is that true? I hear about this for the first time. I personally prefer to call it American tho', since we can assume that this version was made by NOA. When did the Bergsala Distributions took place exactly? I have no informations about Denmark, would be cool to have it with some kind of proof. BTW. in the meanwhile I worked together with @Lady Ariel to update the Bulbapedia article: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_other_event_distributions_in_Generation_III The fake American Mystic Ticket is gone for good...
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    I was a big fan of the delta species pokemon back since they first appeared in the TCG and I have considered it but I've found that a lot of players prefer the game without too many gimmicks. Once XG is a bit more complete I'll probably look into making different variants and I know many people are eager to make their own modifications so hack tools are on the way. I replied in the other thread. I hope it helps! I'm glad you like it! I'm working on creating some hack tools so that it'll be easy for any to make their own modifications but I'm a bit of a n00b at this kind of stuff so it'll take require a little patience
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    "Official Release" is essentially the latest build; the OP has a link to it and no other builds. Updated OP with screenshot from github's readme.
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    It is the latest update of PKHeX.
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