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    Importing a C-Gear skin from our gallery can be done with PKHeX by following the following steps. First, you will need access to your save file. See this guide for details. Back up your original save file just in case. Start PKHeX. Open your save file for Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 using File -> Open... Click "C-Gear Skin" Click "Import .cbg/.psk" Browse to the skin you want to use. After opening the file, click "Save". Save your save file using File -> Export Save... -> Export main.
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    Hey, been a hermit for several years. Oldbie from back in 2009. Sup?
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    I picked Rowlet, since a Grass/Flying starter seemed cool. I keep wondering if I should have chosen Popplio since it looks pretty cool too (maybe next playthough), but Rowlet has been pretty dependable. Decidueye's Spirit Shackle is pretty cool too, albeit a bit scary after reading the description. Until getting Decidueye, I kept wondering if it was redundant catching Pikipek, but after one loom it became my favorite bird Pokemon and I couldn't resist. (And I'm still on the third island.)
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    I have been collaborating with /r/pokemonexchange to see if we can get contributions. I understand that their community will not be enthusiastic about it, but there are several things we can offer them in return. Additionally, the WC/PKM data would be randomized/touched so it is not exact. That should suffice the need to keep a particular person's data legit and unique. Meanwhile, everyone please reach out to anyone you know who may have these WCs/PKMs.
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    It Is good to be home again, at last! Alpha was an awesome guy, I hope he gets all his stuff nicely sorted. And congrats to all of you, the new admins; I know you are great & devoted people.
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    As ShinyQuagsire was the one who originated posted it (they sourced him of that), you may consider asking him as well. AFAIK he has an account on gbatemp (https://gbatemp.net/members/shinyquagsire23.318030/)
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    No, the keypad available characters for JP/KO/ZH has the fullwidth (\u2640) instead of the half-width custom character (\uE08F), using ♀ as an example. For the latin based languages the half-width character is... more visibly pleasing than the larger full-width. PKHeX operated under the assumption that the full-width was only used in the game story text files and that Nicknames/OTs could only use the half-width; guess that's not true (PKHeX is mainly developed by people who play in English, hence why it wasn't noticed).
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    updated to include BP 50 Thanks Rei Keima for your ENG contribution. We also have the rest of the languages!
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    While I do agree with not wanting to contribute to people making money off of this, I do think that it would be important to obtain them one way or another. As far as them hacking the Pokemon? You could always request that they have video proof. There was a guy buying 5 Vulpix. He requested proof: "Please take photo/video proof and attendance proof for all of them, with our usernames/custom date visible in the proofs. If you can also snap a trainer card pic for each save you redeem on, that'd be great. And please claim them on the same day as redeem, so the Pokemon date matches the proofs, for the ones that are on your saves. Or well, set the 3DS date to be the same "
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    Version .


    Movie 2013 Genesect This Red Genesect was distributed at movie theaters playing the 16th Pokémon movie. It was also distributed in the same manner at Fun Box stores in Taiwan from August 16th to September 15th. Its Attack and Speed IVs are set to 31. Species Genesect Nickname (default, save lang) OT えいがかん TID 07133 Distribution Local Wireless Location Pokémon Movie 13 Dates Jul 13 to Sep 30, 2013 PID Shiny PID Games BW B2W2 Lv. 100 Nature Hasty Ability Download (1) Item Choice Scarf Wishing Moves Extreme Speed Techno Blast Blaze Kick Shift Gear WC ID 136: 「あかいゲノセクト プレゼント」's receiving text 0x04 Thank you for coming to see the 2013 Pokémon Movie! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
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    PKHeX has been updated to version 16.12.21, introducing various improvements and bug fixes. Download
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    I've been told to come here by a user who contacted me on ebay and explain once again. But I feel like I already have a few months ago: Message: Response: There are several other messages after that. In short, I don't sell carts that I've modified, I bought them all just like I sell them. If anyone doubted me because of the decchi file, it is all explained in those pages, and Purin got mails proving that I was scammed So I learned that carts can be modified, but I don't have any equipment to do this. To be honest, after learning that, I really started thinking I was scammed even when I bought the lot of carts, since it seems that in case you have the right nintendo equipment you can do wonderds with it. I called the guy after that discussion, but nothing came out of the convo. I spent much more than I got by selling a few carts in the past few years, and to my knowledge none of the carts are fake but the azure flute one that I binned months ago. I got a loan in order to buy all those carts when I did and I'm still paying money, that's why I sell some sometimes. Prices are not even the ones I listed, it's mostly just to show off, receive offers and talk about other distributions with other people. I don't sell every time, and usually when people contact me we just end up talking about interesting pokemon stuff, and I enjoy that. I'm done talking about this and I don't think I'll keep reading this convo unless someone points it at me again... You can believe they are fake because they do not come with the system. I do own a few of those distribution systems ( quite a few were sold years ago on nintendoage. Shiny Zigzagoon, Aurora EUR, 10ANNIV, Aura Mew) and it doesn't take much to take the cart out of them. And the guy who sold them to me who I personally met to buy the carts didn't look like a scammer to me. And I'm also almost done selling my spare carts, so I won't be called a scammer anymore. Hope you all guys have great holidays.
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    I'm still working on documenting the whole model file format ( the most of it is the HAL DAT format but some top level structures that are specific for and the animation data are undocumented) but since I already know enough to write the model texture extractor/inserter you wanted I did just that. Extractor : Link Inserter: Link They work pretty much the same as the ones for move textures, with the change that you need to specify the offset of the main data ( not the start of the data) so 0xE80 for normal model files, not 0xE60 ( you need to enter them in decimal, so 0xE80 would be 3712) . Also the list of files you are about to process is always reset when you drop files into the window, so you have to drag all the files you want to process at once. There are some files that (for some reason I don't know yet) have a GPT1 section ( the one I was talking about in the move files) before the model data, for now you'll just have to put the Offset to the actual model data, I'll probably put out a fix once I know what to do with that. (My guess is that these are particles that are present on the model since I found this in Articuno's file, which probably has some kind of ice particles on it. Do you know whether it does?) You have the option between merging or throwing out one of the currently most similar colors until the palette fits in the case that a palette is too big, the merging process might produce weird colors you don't want in the textures, but this is just a kind of last resort since converting textures with the .bat usually already decreases the palette by quite a bit and gives you enough freedom for modifications. Most textures don't use palettes anyway. I'll probably fix the merging thing when I have the time. The Program should work with Maps, Battle models and Overworld models. If there are any Problems/Errors with this, please tell me about them and I'll try to help. *EDIT: made the programs more user friendly
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    Ok, I finished the Inserter program and it should now be working. The fixed Extractor is Here . The Inserter is Here . I wrote up a (unfortunately) rather long tutorial on how to use them for someone in the group which shouy ex how they're used well enough (though you can be more free with it as it will tell you about any problems as usual): To Extract Textures ( You'll have to do this to insert anything, you can only insert edited versions of the extracted files as the replaced textures must retain their dimensions and texture type) : Use the MoveTextureExtractor jar , enter the name of the .fsys file and click Extract Textures. This should extract all contained textures. (Please have the .fsys file,the textures and both programs in the same folder) Please don't modify the filenames of the textures (they're in the .tpl format ) Then use the conversion program by selecting any texture you want to convert and dragging it onto the .bat ( you can do this with multiple ones at a time) Then just edit the resulting .png images. (I think they're all greyscale so using color probably won't do anything and youshouldn't do it) Then delete the old unconverted texture versions of the files you edited and drag the .png's onto the .bat. This will create new texture files of the images. Put those resulting textures back into the folder with the jars. Then open the MoveEffectInserter jar and drag and drop all textures you want to insert at a time into the top box. Enter the filename of the original .fsys and click Insert File(s). If it doesn't give you any errors they should now be inserted This took me quite a while longer than what I expected but I really wanted to get the Drag and Drop feature to work because you seemed to like the clean design of the Extractor ( I was also sick of entering file names for every single thing I do ) I might make all these texture things into one thing later just so I don't have to spam you with posts with little jars every time I find something new. Maybe this could be used to make your attack animation replacements look better ? I'll continue research into model files, I'll tell you if I find something useful/significant.