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    Hasn't been documented anywhere yet I think: FRLG/E e-Berry Structure FRLG: Section 4 - 0x026C E: Section 4 - 0x0378 0x00 - 0x06 berry name + 0xFF string terminator 0x07 firmness 0x08 - 0x09 size (in mm) 0x0A max yield 0x0B min yield 0x0C - 0x0F berry tag line 1 ROM offset 0x10 - 0x13 berry tag line 2 ROM offset 0x14 growth time per stage (in hours) 0x15 - 0x19 flavor 0x1A smoothness 0x1B 0 0x1C - 0x1F effect in bag 0x24 - 0x27 unknown pointer 0x28 - 0x2B unknown pointer 0x2D - 0x2E unknown 0x2E - 0x2F effect as held item 0x30 - 0x33 checksum The size is 52‬ bytes. Checksum is calculated the same way as in RS, except that it does not skip 0xC - 0x14 for the sum.
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    I recently was checking the BLUEMONS rom leaked a few days ago and saw that a NINTEN Mew can be generated from the Debug option. I suppose (can't confirm) the NINTEN Mew shown on the Nintendo Power Magazine was generated this way and that explain the odd stats. Just to make sure, I made 3 different saves. In my first attempt (DEBUGMEW0) the Stats were: HP: 25 Atk: 15 Def: 15 SpC: 15 Spe: 15 And immediately remembered the Magazine screen and how almost all Stats were around 90~ so I imagined the Stats were constant just like the other Mews and this could be the final piece to solve the mistery of the NINTEN Mew Stats, but in my next attempt I discovered the Pokémon Stats and Trainer IDs change at random. Just leaving my .pks here for research. DEBUGMEW0.pk1 DEBUGMEW1.pk1 DEBUGMEW2.pk1
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    Unfortunately the game acts as if the Link Cable is used even when choosing Wireless Adapter in the settings. Too bad, besides that No$gba still has the most stable link emulation. @Liger0 However I got it to work on an old version of VBA-M https://projectpokemon.org/home/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=37343 Open 1 instance of the emulator and configure your settings. Most important: - disable "Pause when inactive" - set and enable the GBA BIOS file - choose link type "Wireless Adapter - Single Computer" - set link timeout to 500 and check "Auto-start link" Close VBA again to make sure the settings are saved correctly. Then open 2 instances of VBA and open your games. By the way the save file of the second instance needs a "-2" appended to its name, e.g. "Emerald-2.sav". I tried it a few times with this setup and it worked each time! Edit: It actually also works on the latest nightly https://win.vba-m.com/nightly/ if you use local mode for linking.
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    1. Homebrew Channel was used for the Wii; if you're referring to the 3DS, that's the Homebrew Launcher, to which the answer is yes (see this guide). If you mean Switch, see this guide. 2. There are Homebrew alternatives to PKHeX such as PKSM, though they are different in terms of use and I'd personally recommend PKHeX + Checkpoint as your save manager of choice. You can also use ftpd to quickly move your save data over from 3DS/Switch to PC. 3. On 3DS, you're basically as safe as can be and nobody's been banned for just running Homebrew. On Switch, nobody's been banned for just using Homebrew, mainly only for piracy and cheating online. If you're only using Homebrew to do save edits and offline ROM hacks (such as a randomizer) then you'll be fine. 4. PKHeX is strictly a save editor and only deals with editing what your save file has in it (Pokémon, Items, Trainer Info, etc). pk3DS and pkNX are ROM editors which serve the purpose of editing/randomizing your game.
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    Germany is 78, Austria is 66. See here https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/master/PKHeX.Core/Resources/text/locale/countries.txt
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    Please, always keep a backup of your savegames! To know where this comes from, please read this thread: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?46883-GEN-3-Mystery-Gift-Research PC Version: https://github.com/projectpokemon/Gen3-WCTool/releases/ GC/Wii Homebrew: https://github.com/suloku/gba-link-cable-dumper/releases/ NDS Homebrew: https://github.com/suloku/savegame-manager/releases/ e-Reader savegames for Eon Ticket transfer (all regions) via Link Cable with real hardware: EON_ticket_ereader_savegames.zip Sorry, I can't make a propper post right now. I'll try to get this decent tomorrow. There are some readme included. FAQ: Q: What's the diference between using any of these injection apps and sending my cartridge to nintendo? A: None. Q: I have a ESP/GER/ITA/FRE game. If I inject the USA Mystic ticket, will this be legit? A: All evidence suggests that the USA Wondercard distributions were compatible with all non-japanese games. Game release dates make it also technically possible to have received an Emerald Mystic ticket on an European game, and we know the USA Aurora Ticket distribution device is compatible with European games (but it only distributed the english wondercard, fully opetational though). - USA and UK games are the very same game rom, so all the english events apply to both, regarless of being European or USA. - The spanish Emerald Aurora ticket wondercard is fine, Nintendo messed up and left Vermillion city instead of updating the wondercard text to Hoenn. The event was never done in Spain, but it could be received at other countries if you used the spanish cart, so it is totally legit, so don't worry, nintendo was very sloppy with this. - Nintendo also messed up the german Eon Ticket (there is photo proof from oficial german distribution that this was already known). EON_ticket_ereader_savegames.zip WC3Tool 0.1e.zip
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    tfw you export a pkm file, rename it "main", and expect it to behave as if it were a save file PKHeX can work on Mac too. You should really be playing this on your legitimately purchased 3DS and cartridge/digital purchase, rather than on an emulator where you've dumped your legitimately purchased game via your legitimately purchased 3DS. Just sayin'
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    Working as intended. Anything transferred from the previous generation cannot be currently-handled by the previous-generation-OT, as we're in a future generation where the OT does not exist. >when in fact, wouldn't the issue exist if the save had the same details as the Zeraora OT? 1:4billion chance to get the same ID, and picked the same exact OT for the save file it's currently on. Statistically never going to happen, hence illegal. The green highlight indicates who is currently handling it. If the green highlight is set for the OT and it cannot be legally set to the OT, then it is flagged as illegal.
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    There isn’t a way to put them into eggs without hacking, but there are a few you can obtain at egg equivalent levels. Lugia Dream Radar with no badges Ho-Oh Dream Radar with no badges Regigigas Pokémon Platinum Dialga Dream Radar with no badges Dialga HGSS Arceus event Palkia Dream Radar with no badges Palkia HGSS Arceus event Giratina Dream Radar with no badges Giratina HGSS Arceus event Manaphy egg from Pokémon Ranger games Thunderus Dream Radar with no badges Tornadus Dream Radar with no badges Landorus Dream Radar with no badges
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    The Eon Ticket in Emerald is a special case Besides that there are two different kinds of event distributions: Mystery Gift, which has wondercards and didn't exist in RS, and Mystery Event which already existed in RS but didn't have wondercards. In both cases there's a script downloaded into the save file. It's just that the Mystery Gifts are always bound to the postman in the Pokemon Center while the Mystery Events could be bound to any NPC, not only Norman.
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    Try an older build like this one https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m/releases/tag/v2.0.2
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    I have heard before (along time ago) that emulation can be too slow at times and end up generating the wrong Pokemon. I forget the specifics so someone else more knowledgeable would have to fill that in. But my guess is that it happened here and due to emulation errors it got a Pokemon using the wrong method. Because what you got was a method 2 generated Pokemon. Which you can check in Pokefinder.
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    Hello, I don't know if this is documented anywhere, but recently I have been trying to find out how Platinum generates PIDs for NPC trainers during the main game. I've mainly been examining Pokemon caught with a catch trainer code, some light hex editing on trpoke/data, and looking at the disassembly. So far, I've made the following observations: The lowest byte is either 0x78 or 0x88 depending on the trainer's gender - 0x78 for female, 0x88 for male. This causes Pokemon to be gendered the same as their owner unless they have any sort of existing gender ratio, in which case it's their preference. It also causes all NPC Pokemon to have their first ability. The highest byte is always 0. The middle two bytes are where it's more complex. It seems the sum of species, difficulty, level, and trainer location (not sure if the trainer number or memory address) is used: On the same trainer, a 250 difficulty Armaldo (species 348) has the same PID as a 200 difficulty Staraptor (species 398). On the same trainer, a Level 31 Combee (species 415) has the same PID as a Level 48 Staraptor (species 398). A Fisherman (trainer 175 in the disassembly) with a Level 42 Gyarados has the same PID as another Fisherman's (trainer 174) Level 43 Gyarados. When any of these factors is changed by 1, the value of the middle bytes is incremented (or possibly decremented by its ffff-complement) by a near-constant amount (like, plus or minus 1). If it reaches 0 or ffff, it loops around. This leads me to believe that the previous sum is multiplied by some value, but I cannot parse what. I have noticed that this increment seems to be determined by solely the trainer class as far as the trainer information is concerned. A Fisherman turned into a Rival class (no other modifications) is incremented by the same amount with each Level/Species/Difficulty/Trainer change as an actual fight against the Rival is. Looking into the disassembly seems to verify a lot of these observations: ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0] @ MainGameData_NPCTrainer_Class + r5*0x34 MainGameData_NPCTrainer_Size bl Function_20793ac cmp r0, #0x1 bne branch_207940a mov r0, #0x78 str r0, [sp, #0x14] b branch_207940e branch_207940a: @ 207940a :thumb mov r0, #0x88 str r0, [sp, #0x14] This preceding code assigns either 0x78 or 0x88 and stores that on the stack, which is definitely the eventual gender byte. branch_2079440: @ 2079440 :thumb ldrh r0, [r7, #TrPkmn0_Species] mov r1, #0x3f lsl r1, r1, #10 and r1, r0 asr r2, r1, #10 @ I think the point of all this shifting and anding is to clear the higher bits (that have no legal reason to exist) on the species? It shouldn't affect the value for any legal Pokemon. add r1, sp, #0x64 strb r2, [r1, #0x3] ldr r1, =0x3ff ldrh r2, [r7, #TrPkmn0_0] @ This data is definitely the difficulty. and r0, r1 lsl r0, r0, #16 ldrh r1, [r7, #TrPkmn0_Lvl] lsr r0, r0, #16 str r0, [sp, #0x34] @ Storing the should-be unaffected species on the stack ldr r0, [sp, #0x38] @ NPCTrainerDataAdress add r2, r2, r1 @ Difficulty+Level ldr r1, [sp, #0x34] @ Retrieving the species ldr r0, [r0, #0x18] @ Getting some offset of the "NPCTrainerDataAddress", I presume the location based on my observations add r1, r1, r2 @ (Difficulty+Level)+Species add r0, r0, r1 @ (Difficulty+Level+Species)+Trainer something str r0, [sp, #0x58] @ Sum stored on the stack bl SetPRNGSeed add r0, r4, r5 add r0, #0x29 ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0] @ MainGameData_NPCTrainer_Class + r5*0x34 (this comment is from the disassembly) mov r6, #0x0 cmp r0, #0x0 ble branch_207948c branch_207947a: @ 207947a :thumb bl PRNG str r0, [sp, #0x58] add r0, r4, r5 add r0, #0x29 ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0] @ MainGameData_NPCTrainer_Class + r5*0x34 .hword 0x1c76 @ add r6, r6, #0x1 cmp r6, r0 blt branch_207947a branch_207948c: @ 207948c :thumb ldr r0, [sp, #0x58] @ Retrieving the earlier sum after...something is done to it lsl r1, r0, #8 @ Left shifting to clear the lowest byte ldr r0, [sp, #0x14] @ Retrieving the gender value add r6, r1, r0 @ Adding that gender value to the middle bytes I am pretty sure this is where the process ends, but as you can tell by the lack of comments, the middle branch confuses me. Based on my limited understanding of assembly, I think loops like this are used to simulate multiplication as I theorized earlier, but there's an actual multiplication instruction so I assume it is more complex than that. The big issue is that even looking at the whole file, I am having trouble keeping track of what r4 and r5 should contain at this point, or if there any significance to 0x29 (an offset? idk) or if it's just being used as a constant. I'm also not sure if there's any significance to PRNG being called every time in the loop since iirc this is how player PIDs are generated, but the trainer PIDs don't seem to be random. Writing this out, I realize it's a lot, but I think I'm close and I'm hoping someone more familiar with assembly and Pokemon internally can crack this final bit. Or this has already been discovered and I've wasted a lot of time. For verification purposes, some observed PIDs: 200 Difficulty Level 48 Staraptor on League Barry (Empoleon team, #481): 0x00877488. Level 46: 0x000ae788. Level 47: 0x00c92e88. Level 49: 0x0045ba88 200 Difficulty Level 48 Staraptor on Elite Four Aaron (#261): 0x00e0fb88, Level 49: 0x00b6ec88 200 Difficulty Level 48 Staraptor on Elite Four Bertha (#262): 0x007b1578. Level 47: 0x00a11e78 0 Difficulty Level 43 Gyarados on Fisherman (#175): 0x0079fc88. Level 42: 0x001f2488 0 Difficulty Level 43 Gyarados on Fisherman (#174): 0x001f2488. Level 42: 0x00c44c88
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    Maybe the Yellow Triangle is a hint that it's unusable in-game...
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    Just click on the OT label. See Options > About PKHeX > Shortcuts for more.
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    Change the origin game to the game that it originates from. Then enter in the TID/SID you want the game to show. The Trainer ID is stored as a 32 bit value. The game does a bitshift for gen6 game-origin and prior. The game does a modulo for gen7 game-origin and up. The value-portion that is discarded is the Secret ID.
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    ty fixed in latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/5fc15dc9c8619a4348511a222da410330a8aa945
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    In the BLUEMONS rom you just press select in the Start Screen. It's that simple.
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    Introduced in the middle of February, Pokémon HOME allows for transferring from Bank and Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee as a central storage site with connectivity to Sword & Shield. When a Pokémon is transferred from Bank or Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee into HOME, it is assigned a unique 64 bit number to differentiate it from other uploads. Pokémon that have not yet visited HOME do not yet have a HOME tracker. Pokémon that are traded in-game without HOME do not get assigned a tracker (SW/SH <-> SW/SH). Pokémon that must travel thru HOME to reach the game it resides on must have a HOME tracker (SW/SH origin do not have a tracker). Pokémon that are uploaded in the same batch are not guaranteed to have a similar tracker (usually incremental). Pokémon that aren't yet in the PK8 format cannot have a tracker value assigned (Bank did not track). It is only a concern in PK8 format. What exactly might this value be used for? Differentiation of unique uploads, to prevent users from depositing & withdrawing the same data to boost their counts. Tracking how Pokémon are traded between users. Detecting if a Pokémon has been modified from the original upload. Detecting if a Pokémon is foreign from the HOME system (having a value of zero). When Pokémon with the same Tracker value are uploaded to HOME, they are discarded (deleted). It only retains the first unique Pokémon with that tracker value, on a per-account basis. It appears the best practice is to let the server assign you a tracker, rather than having a blatantly wrong tracker. Historically, GameFreak does not obsess over this metadata, so having arbitrary/lacking tracker values might not matter at all. Only HOME can determine if a tracker value is valid. Due to the described behavior, here are our recommendations: When cloning Pokémon in Sword & Shield, clear the tracker value for all clones you create. When creating new Pokémon that are from prior generations for Sword & Shield, leave the tracker blank and transfer it to HOME. When creating new Pokémon that originate in Sword & Shield, leave the tracker blank. When modifying Pokémon that have already visited HOME, zero out the tracker if you change anything that can't be changed in-game. Why not create a random tracker value? Again, only HOME can determine if a tracker value is valid. HOME can possibly check tracker values to see if the details match the original upload (modified data). HOME can possibly check tracker values to see if the details are on another user's account (cloned data). Uploading to HOME without a tracker value will automatically assign a new one. You can receive Pokémon that lack a tracker value from other players via trade (in addition to SWSH natives). PKHeX's default settings are to ignore missing tracker values (should be on every non-Gen8 origin Pokémon that is residing in Gen8+), but has a toggle setting to opt-in for strict checking. This is to allow users to create the most-legal data without forging an INVALID tracker value, which will be legal after transferring in & out of HOME.
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    I believe such a feature exists in the AutoLegalityMod plugin for PKHeX. https://github.com/architdate/PKHeX-Plugins
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    For the second Ball Set, it should be Beast Ball instead of Ultra Ball
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    Here is a breakdown of what projects don't work on macOS Catalina; (Not sure why I'm posting as nobody will read this anyway) What doesn't work on macOS Catalina; WineBottler & its bundled copy of wine Wineskin-2.6.2 (original project from doh123) Winehq releases (Wine Stable/Devel/Staging) brew cask wine-stable/devel/staging (these are Winehq releases) What does work on macOS Catalina; CrossOver-19 and above (paid) brew tap gcenx/wine && brew cask install wine-crossover (10.15 > 10.15.3 disable SIP, 10.15.4+ nvram boot-arg="no32exec=0") PortingKit (disable SIP) Unofficial Wineskin & WS11 Engine (10.15 > 10.15.3 disable SIP, 10.15.4+ nvram boot-arg="no32exec=0") Phoenicis cx-darwin-x86on64 (10.15 > 10.15.3 disable SIP, 10.15.4+ nvram boot-arg="no32exec=0") I have provided rough instructions on how to install PKHeX using CrossOver and also provided a prebuilt PKHeX.app built using "Unofficial Wineskin" using WineCX19.0.1, the provided app on the first post won't function on macOS Catalina Other Alternatives?; Use a VM software like Parallels Desktop/VMWare Fusion/Virtual Box then install Windows 10 into it and use PKHeX as you please, no you don't need to purchase Windows 10 you can leave it unactivated indefinitely it will just disable customization etc but Windows will function with the watermark.
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    You still can't have a Zeraora with your own OT.
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    You can not legally change the OT/ID of any Pokemon. So of course it becomes illegal if you do so. Event Pokemon can have no other OT/ID than the preset one they were distributed with.
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    That's an Omega Ruby save file with no Pokemon in the Party ...
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    I was able to do it @theSLAYER Thank you!
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    This tutorial will show how to replace textures in a .BMD0 file (Vs. Scenes, Fly sprites, etc.) First off, download the following programs: NitroExplorer2 Tinke (latest version) Mario Kart DS Editor Some kind of image editing software For this tutorial, I will be replacing Vs. Scenes. Step 1. Open NitroExplorer2 and navigate to a/1/6/6, extract the NARC. Step 2. Open the NARC with Tinke. Step 3. Find the file that you want to edit, the Vs. Scenes are usually start around the 80th file. Step 4. View the file and extract it (be sure when extracting the file you put .nsbmd at the end of what ever you named it). Step 5. Open Mario Kart DS Editor. Step 6. Goto Tools>Nitro Explorer>NSBMD ==> NSBMD + NSBTX Step 7. Select the file you extracted, and save the new .nsbmd, and the .nsbtx Step 8. You should now have a .nsbtx file, Open it in Mario Kart DS Editor. Step 9. Textures should appear, the top part contains the images, and the bottom part contains the palettes for the images. Step 10. Select the palette, then the image, and extract it as .png Step 11. Edit it however you like, color limit doesn't matter. Step 12. Save the image, then go back to Mario Kart DS Editor and replace the image. Step 13. Save the .nsbtx, and goto Tools>Nitro Explorer> NSBMD + NSBTX ==> NSBMD. Step 14. Rename the new NSBMD file to (name).BMD0 Step 15. Replace a Vs. Scene with the one you just edited. Step 16. Pack the NARC and re-insert it. Your .BMD0 should be working properly. If you have any questions, or comments, let me know .
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    CrossOver-19 and above work on Catalina without workarounds needed. Unofficial Wineskin & WineCX19.0.1-1 requests workarounds for Catalina 10.15.0 > 10.15.3 you must disabled SIP, for Catalina 10.15.4 and above SIP can remain enabled and pass a nvram boot-arg once
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    Hey, this worked, thanks! The BIOS file wasn't even needed. It was extremely fast at first try. Hopefully this version will also work on dolphin's box connection, as with others the pokemon box screens doesn't show the nintendo logo and doesn't do anything after the gba bios animation However, are we sure the old sea map wondercard is legit? The missing item sprite makes me wonder about it...
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    Use the Inject WC3 button in the main window. The official event distributor only injects official unedited wondercards and those are not shareable.
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    I assume the time in the save was updated to the current time from your computer. You could probably use the GBA RTC changer homebrew to make the time on your cartridge the same as real time. Or adjusted enough that the time in game still looks right. If I remember right the way time works in those games is that the RTC in carts starts at a set date and time then when you put in the time of day in game it just offsets from that. So that is why it might need to be offset a little to get night and day to line up.
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    You have to search for something. It's not going to give you a list of 100,000 things to scroll through.
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    ¿This file is valid? I extracted from mi spanish Wii using the SaveGame Manager GX homebrew and save is recognized with PkHex 0001000052504250.zip
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    Not sure why you're going by the TID(legacy) and SID(legacy), when most peoples are concerned about whether the TID7 fits. (normally they'll want the SWSH one displayed to be the one they use), but in this case it doesn't matter if it's 0 :3
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    Listen, this probably isn't the right place, but I don't know where else if not 'Project Pokemon'. If you know of a better place, please shoe me away there. I am only 2 cards short of a complete Japanese Fire Red / Leaf Green Battle E Collection, and also have a respectable amount of Emerald cards. I have lots of duplicates, and instead of spending $20+ per card on eBay I would love to just TRADE with someone also working on the sets. All of my cards were pulled straight from the pack and put into storage. I have an active spreadsheet I can share if someone out there is actually interested. Thanks!
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    Eventually when the Switch is no longer the main console, presumably any online features will be gone, much like NDS online servers died (tho it was recreated by private parties). I would imagine 5 star raids will become almost impossible once the servers end. Certain event max raids also died via time, if you do not have hacking. (you can restore them via hacking)
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    Apologies for not responding sooner. We got the trade to happen and everything went perfect! She's ecstatic and just as I hoped, is playing again. Small hiccup, Apparently in the PokeCenter there's something to do with a Pokemon's memories and there's a couple notes from @Wolfie8pie's storage. But everything is ambiguous enough that it didn't tip anything off. Couldn't be more happy with how this turned out. Sorry that it's a silly thing given the Pokemon are just a bunch of 1s and 0s and can be easily generated, but I really appreciate you all here.
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    @theSLAYER thank you for replying. The only reason I want CFW on my Switch is so that I can use PKhex on it. Nothing more, nothing less. Well hopefully my console won't get banned, as well as yours.
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    i was afraid you'd say that lol
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    hi its been 7 years but i felt like i'll respond just in case, basically you can edit every pokemon in ppre on a nds file to give base 0 exp, OR you can use a action replay code
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    Did you even start the game, collect the starter, and save the game? when I loaded your save file in Citra, it brought me to the beginning, which is the language selection screen. Can you start the game, get the starter, save the game, then try again?
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    For the fifth generation of Pokémon games the RAM is actually very easy to read when compared to the fourth generation. This is largely due to the fact that when the RAM is opened in a simple text editor the headers in the RAM are in plain text. However, ripping Pokémon from RAM is both easier, but harder than generation four. In my pervious topic when I broke down the structure of Pokémon in generation four’s RAM I was able to locate all of the important information of the Pokémon, but with generation five important information that one would expect to find does not appear to be present at a first glance. Fortunately that is not where this topic ends; it turns out all Pokémon that are on the field as well as the entire party of all trainers are stored in the RAM in an encrypted format. It appears that the entire party block from the save is copied into the RAM and when a battle starts the other trainer’s Pokémon in loaded into the RAM using the exact same structure as the player’s party Pokémon. This allows for easy ripping of Pokémon at the cost of this topic appearing extremely underwhelming due to this outcome (sorry no table this time). As stated earlier the RAM for generation 5 is very easy to read and this easiness to read makes it easy to rip Pokémon. In order to rip a Pokémon you will need to find it in the RAM and that is where the header N.pokeparty.c comes into play or its hex equivalent 4E 19 70 6F 6B 65 70 61 72 74 79 2E 63. In most cases there will be four instances of this header with the first one being the player’s party, the second one being the NPC’s party, the third one being the player’s party again, and the last one being the NPC’s party again (upon writing this I have realized that I did not test this with a multi-battle so the results my change for that). In some cases there may be an extra header before the first normal instance of it where different functionality such as Wi-Fi is mentioned. In order to start extracting a Pokémon you will need to start 20 bytes after the c in N.pokeparty.c, therefore the 21st byte onwards will be the start of the Pokémon data. Since it follows the same structure as party Pokémon in the save each Pokémon occupies 220 bytes so with some simple multiplication you can find the end of relevant data in the block. At this point I have covered general information and how to find the Pokémon, but now you probably want to know how to get a Pokémon from the RAM to the save even though the data is encrypted. 1. Locate the correct party block that has the Pokémon you want. 2. Copy the entire block or until the end of relevant data (if there is less than six Pokémon only copy up to the end of the last Pokémon). 3. Get a save file where the party Pokémon can be over written. 4. Copy the RAM block into the party block. 5. Open the save in PKHeX 6. Use PKHeX to update the checksum or remove the Pokémon from the same to your main save. For now this is the best method until an application is developed that can do this. Now just general remarks and interesting information from looking into this: In Pokémon Black2 and Pokémon White 2 there are NPCs that you can trade with and then have them challenge you to a battle with the traded Pokémon, but is it the same Pokémon? No, it is not the same Pokémon. In the end the Pokémon does maintain its PID, gender, nickname, ID, and SID, but its level is raised to the nearest 5th level, nature is changed, held item removed, met data wiped, IVs are changed to a predetermined set of IVs, EVs are set to 0, moves will reflect the four most recent moves that that species of Pokémon would know at the new level, and OT is wiped. As well, despite not usually being found in the RAM decrypted the Pokémon will have its name, ID, and SID decrypted in the RAM. Going back to generation four, Pokémon are also stored in the RAM encrypted, but it does not appear NPC Pokémon are always stored this way since 1 out of 5 attempts resulted in a good rip and not a glitch Pokémon. Therefore, keep using the information outlined in my earlier topic. For further reading please read my mapping of Pokémon in generation four RAM and generation five Pokémon structure in the technical documents. Generation four Pokémon mapping in RAM: Generation five Pokémon structure: Special thanks to @BlackSharkfor providing some Pokémon White RAM dumps. Also here is an updated folder of some Pokémon that I dumped from popular NPC’s from Pokémon Black and Pokémon White (this time properly ripped and not using an AR code): Black White Special Trainers Updated.zip
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    Use PKHeX. Also you can't check if something is legit, only if it is legal. Legit = actually caught ingame without any kind of cheats, save editors or even emulators Legal = not necessarily caught ingame but theorectically possible to get ingame
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    Yes of course it would be that simple. My apologies ... and I had fired up VS and download the source to search for the answer my self in the code.
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    Ik this doesn't look the best and the bottom is not easy to read. Tried my best on this. Hope this isn't against any rules. What if someone made a Fire Red/Leaf Green rom featuring the Pokemon from the Galar region and a few other pokemon. Ik it might take time for someone to get the Galar region pokemon cries tho in my opinion. Hope this pic is fine
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    Long story short i couldnt get the rainbow wing for hours, so when i finally figured it out i found the Event Flag for Rainbow Wing Received for anybody else out there who wants to bypass the criteria to unlock the upstairs of Tin Tower. Didnt really know where to post this but here ya go. Flag 822 : Received Rainbow Wing (Unlocks Stairs to Get Ho Oh)
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    Download from here.
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