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    After creating a modpack, one such mod you can add for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is the Starter Mod, a modification that changes the available starters you can use. Before continuing, please make sure you've reached the "Making Mods" section of the Sky Editor guide to ROM editing. Creating the Project On the New Project window, choose "Starter Mod" in the dropdown, and fill in the name with something that makes sense. Then click OK. Expand the project you just created and open "Starter Pokemon". You can do this either by double-clicking or by right-clicking and clicking Open. Edit things to your liking. You should see something that looks like this: For the purpose of this guide, we'll do this: You can also go to the Partner tab and customize things. Be careful, since the game will not let you choose anything with the same type as the player. For the purpose of this guide, we'll do this: Click File -> Save -> Save File. You can now build the modpack, continue editing, or move create another project. The Result When you create a new save, you should see the results of your modifications as you would expect. Here's what my example edits look like: Remarks Observe how there's no portraits for Grovyle or Porygon. This is because many unplayable Pokémon do not have all of the usual emotions, like the grin that's normally here. We'll want to copy the default portrait to the other emotions to be less distracting. Luckily, this is very simple, as the Portrait Mod does this as soon as you create the project. Follow the instructions for the Portrait Mod, then build them together: The result of the two working together works like this:
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    PKHeX is now able to edit parts of the save, known as save blocks. It allows users to export and import various save blocks. Here's a tutorial on how to get it done. Steps 0. Keep a safe backup of your unedited save, somewhere on your computer. We're not liable if this results in a corrupted save. 1. Make sure you redownloaded and use the latest PKHeX. (Initial version with this feature caused corruption. Additionally, older copies do not have the feature) 2. Load the target save in PKHeX. 3. Now, click on SAV on the tabs. 4. Now, click on the button Block Data 5. Another window should open up. 6. Scroll through the dropdown list at Block Key:. For this example, I'll be importing the file normal_encount into *Object KNormalEncount (Original quote below, can be found here) Since I'm importing into *Object KNormalEncount, that is what my screenshot shows. 7. Now that Block Key: is showing the correct value, select Import Current Block. 8. A window should pop-up. Select the correct file to import, then select Open. In my case, I'm importing the file normal_encount. 9. Now that the file has been imported, close only the first window 10. Then, proceed to File > Export SAV... > Export main 11. Now close PKHeX. If you want to make sure the new save file is not corrupted, reopen PKHeX and try to load the save. 12. You're done. Now reimport the save into your Switch to observe the effects.
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    Images above are from XY, ORAS, SM and USUM, respectively. Disclaimer This guide requires a hacked 3DS, and will use Luma3DS LayeredFS to achieve the desired result. For non-shiny locked entries, this shiny patch will shinify wild encounters, static encounters, gifts, fishing, eggs when received from breeder, and wonder card redemptions. Note: this ROM patch may affect some event redemptions that were not meant to be shiny. Wonder cards that have preset/fixed PID may get their PID overwritten and end up being shiny. Those specific cases will be illegal. (I experienced this with Ash-Greninja) Unlike shiny patches of previous generation games, these Pokémon retain their shininess even when transferred to games that do not have the shiny patch. While PK3DS does have a shiny rate editor, this guide is for people who somehow can't get it to work (maybe computer compatibility issues, unable to extract all the necessary files from the games, etc), or simply doesn't like to use it. We will not be providing any exefs.bin or code.bin, as linking to or providing data files extracted from ROMs are against our forum's rules. However do not fear, as the steps regarding how to extract them from your own purchases, are included in this guide. Additional Misc. Info While it is possible to compile the edited code.bin into a .3DS/.cia, that is not the focus of this tutorial. Do note that if you're running a version of the game that is updated (i.e you have the update patch installed), you'll have to dump the exefs.bin of the update patch instead. Instructions for this step is included below as well. If you have the update patch installed, and you use the exefs.bin/code.bin from the main game (instead of the one in the update patch), it will definitely result in a crash when the game is being loaded. Additionally, this patch will not work on any entries that's shiny locked, and it also won't work on entries that use a different method of generating their PIDs, such as non-legends/non-UB wild Wormhole encounters, Partner Cap Pikachu, Poké Pelago etc. The 4 easy steps: 1. Extracting the exefs.bin 2. Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin 3. Performing the edit 4. Pasting the code.bin into Luma Extracting the exefs.bin Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin Performing the edit Pasting the code.bin into Luma Congratulations, shinies await you! Original source of this method is from our one and only, @SciresM. This method was adopted from his tweet back during Pokémon Sun & Moon's release. It took me a while, but I've come to realize the leading bytes were exactly the same across the 3DS Pokémon games, making this method work for Gen 6 and 7 3DS games.
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    PKHeX can be used to import wondercards from our event gallery using these steps. Please note that the below screenshots show what it looks like for Gen 5 saves, but the same procedure works for Gen 4, 6 and 7 saves. If you are using a Gen 4 save, please note the difference between PCD and PGF files: PCD files contain the entire wonder card, while PGF files only contain the gift. Start PKHeX and load your save file as described in a previous section. Click the Mystery Gift button. Click the Import button and browse to a wonder card. Right-click an empty slot and choose "Set". If you do not have any empty slots, you will have to overwrite an existing one. If this is the case and you wish to save it first, right-click the existing slot and click View, then click Export. If you are using a Gen 4 save, you must choose a slot that corresponds to the file you opened (PGT vs PCD). PKHeX will let you know if you choose the wrong one. Click Save Save your file
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    Now that you've started Sky Editor, it's time to set up the window to have everything it needs for ROM editing. It should look something like this: Follow these steps to add everything it needs: The View menu has 3 menu items: Solution Explorer, Solution Build Progress, and Errors. Click all of them. Sky Editor should now look like this: (Optional) I recommend rearranging these windows. You can do so by dragging and dropping the tab part: While you're dragging, it should look like this: You can place the window by mousing over one of the new icons: You can drag multiple windows together by dragging this part (in this screenshot, both Build Progress and Errors are dragged together): There is no right or wrong way to arrange everything. You should experiment to find what works best for you, but I recommend this layout: After you've arranged everything to your liking, you can save this layout by closing and restarting Sky Editor. You can now proceed to the next section:
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