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  • IRC Rules

    • The only words in the English language that are one letter long are "a" and "I".
    • There are no words in the English language which have 4 of the same letter consecutively. There is no need for 4 consecutive punctuation marks either (Ellipses have 3 periods only)
    • Smilies do not deserve their own line; try adding some meaningful text.
    • You should not need more than 3 lines for a complete sentence.
    • Not a lot of people care about you going afk, unless you are in conversation with someone and that would interrupt the flow of conversation.
    • Do not let everyone know that you are doing something illegal. Don't discuss illegal things. (HINT: Operators can make valid assumptions about your activities based on what you say in conversation)
    • Be nice to others. (Yes, this actually has to be written down)
    • Do not try to impersonate someone else.
    • Do not repeat yourself too many times. If people have not responded, they do not want to respond.
    • CAPS and text formatting are annoying.
    • Do not advertise pointless things.
    • Do not mass-message.
    • Have decency.
    • Have common sense.


    If you get kicked, be sure you know what you did wrong before you try rejoin. Are you sure you are following the guidelines?

    If you get banned, there probably was a good reason. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

    If you get banned, do not try to evade your ban. You might not ever be able to rejoin if you get caught doing so.

    If you get banned, everyone else in your household is banned too. And yes, operators can tell.

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