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  2. CP is the attack power of the Magikarp. I'm not sure if you can fix a maxed one, but it definitely works ingame. I made a super powered shiny Magikarp I call Megakarp.
  3. So after messing around with Pkhex and reading this: I've come to believe that there is some kind of flag applied to unused moves and pokemon that turns them into a blank Egg pokemon. Is there any way to disable this blacklist in a mod or hack so that unused pokemon and moves, broken as they may be, are not immediately converted into a bad egg? You can see Unused Pokemon in action if you put one as the starter or if you change a trainer's pokemon to an unused pokemon. Yet if you give a regular pokemon an unused move or if you change a regular pokemon to an unused one, the game immediately turns them into an unusable egg that can't even be selected.
  4. I expect that this won't work, because Nintendo has changed the IR communication completely for the 3DS VC release. However, I haven't tried it out yet.
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  6. Thank you for your work! Would it be possible for the ROM file to be usable with 3DS Virtual Console versions of G/S/C via 3DS's own IR commmunication?
  7. For Pokémon captured in Gen 4 and onwards, you can use this code in Batch editor: Every event Pokémon Gen 3 Mew & Gen 3 Deoxys & Gen 4 and onwards (including VC transfers) must have the FateFul Encounter Flag, and this codes removes mons that doesn't have. This way it'll be easier to see which are event mons. (Exception is Wild Event Darkrai) As for Gen 3 event mons, you gotta go through the box to check. Presumably I'll check known species, OTs and TID as potential candidates. (However I think that Gen 3 non-island Mew/Deoxys events being added are pretty unlikely, as most were shiny locked)
  8. Which of these pokemon were from events? I'm asking because I want to change the OT name and the IDs, except for the ones that came with a custom trainer name and IDs at events.
  9. I've played through the game up until graduating from the guild, yet neither of these options are appearing. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  10. I'll periodically update this page. Using it to keep track of stuff I may be interested in doing (but after my exams) Entry: 16 June 2019 1. Adding FRE/GER/ITA/SPA/KOR Shiny Tapu Fini to Event Gallery on-site. (we should already have it on our Github) 2. GP1 Shiny Onix, Shiny Horsea 3. Add GP1 Shiny Abra (probably a mistake, but was still available) [1][2] 4. Add GP1 Shiny Clefairy info being wild (temporarily) to it's page? (still considering) [1][2] V. Gen 5 Legendaries to In-Game Encounters. W. Upload Mythical Ga-olé QR codes that I've found so far. X. Track down remaining Mythicals Ga-olé QR codes. Y. Double checking Gen 3 e-card image -> .RAW coding Z. Finish coding Encounter and Gift table dumper
  11. Damn thing won't connect. I have an O2DS running Luma 9.0/Sys 11.10 Is it still broken after the 11.9 Update? I know Luma has InputRedirection built in as well as Debugger, and I'm using that. Still, it's saying Cannot connect. Please make sure you're running NTR and you're online in-game. Like, WTH?! I even got a windows computer for this!
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