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  2. PKHeX uses sprites/stats from the unmodified games, but any gen6+ edits via pk3DS won't prevent editing in PKHeX. Just incorrect stat calculations (fix by healing/boxing). Editing models is doable outside of pk3DS; there should be threads on this forum discussing that.
  3. Has been fixed internally and will be available in the next release (next week-ish)
  4. Hi! I have two saves I extracted directly from my carts: one of Pokemon Red, one of Pokemon Silver. I've been trying to copy mons using PkHex (latest version) from my Red save file onto my Silver save file, but they don't show up in the Silver save file. Going in the other direction (granted, of course, that the mon would be able to go from gen 2 to gen 1 in game via Time Capsule) works flawlessly. I uploaded the saves just in case. POKEMON RED.sav POKEMON_SLVAAXE.sav
  5. So I would have to do the ROM hacking twice if I want to have battles with my friend, got it. And ROM hacks seem to be my best bet for the results I'm looking for. In that case, I know PK3ds can edit base stats, but can it also edit sprites and in-game models? I would like to avoid having a caterpie with legendary-level stats in my game, as funny as it would be. As a follow up to that (and to keep the topic relevant to this forum), how do ROM hacks interact with PkHeX? Are they cross-compatable? Would I be able to use PKHaX in the same way as an unmodified ROM? I still can't thank you enough for your help, I see that you're really active on these forums! We'd be doomed without you, no joke.
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  7. In any case, the intent for this thread appears to be asking for the Funfest Celebi. Let's stop going off-topic, shall we? (if you want to debate about what is and isn't the case, head over to our debate sub-forum) If anyone wants to contribute the event, upload it here. (And yes, I'm putting that out there. As much as I personally doubt it, there is still a chance that there are people who come to our forum, that may not know we are trying to archive Gen 1 & 2 events. They may be here for different reasons) If you have the event, but do not know how to get it dumped for an upload, also leave a response here. Cheers
  8. Nope, that's definitely not the case.
  9. hello,does someone know how to get the 54 bytes header file,and how to fix the .bin file?THX.I want to use the sav file on a real E-reader JP.
  10. when i want to start the game its frezzes how can i fix that? i have the 1.4 version
  11. Excuse me~ Could anyone answer me about following minor questions... In G5 BW2 , the extra bytes 0X87 determine the "star animation" when sent Pokemon go out , if this bytes = 255 , the star will be biggest... So...if I transfer a Pokemon with 0X87=255 via Bank to G6 , is this bytes will be deleted by transporter ? or just G6 even G7 didn't use this bytes ? As I know the same thing in HGSS shiny leaves when transfer into G5 , the extra bytes will be deleted... One more thing want to ask ... the extra bytes 0X42 in all G5 , determine hidden ability in 0X42=1 , but G6 G7 seems unused this bytes? because can't found in Pkhex , just want to know which determines hidden ability in G6 even G7...
  12. I think your misinterpreting what was said there. It was stated "willing to contribute" which to me implies if anyone here did have one their willing to share, they probably would have posted it by now. As no one has come forward it either means no one has the event, or if someone has the event they are probably keeping quiet as they wish for it to remain private. To me that's fair enough. I do agree people don't have to share content, as much as it would be nice to have at least one of every past event preserved. I'd sooner people kept quiet about content they have but are not willing to share. Nothing is gained by casually dropping in a thread you have something, but are not willing to even share any information about it. Certain people here have done that a lot in the past and it just rubs people up the wrong way, not because they won't share the event, but because they won't even share any information which would help with on-going research projects. So really their only after bragging rights, which is not what these forums are about in my opinion. Most of us are aware some people have content they won't share, trust me, the projects Deoxyz has worked on to get stuff released he is aware of this more than most people. As you say all we can do is keep trying to follow up on random leads and hopefully it leads somewhere.
  13. Hi! My ds camera is broken and I really would love to play this game. I just need a starter save, Charmander Treeko as starters if someone wouldnt mind helping me.
  14. I've also fixed the link in the first post, with this: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/3759-psavfix/
  15. theSLAYER


    Version V2


    Related to checking the seed of the file etc. Read more here:
  16. Do you have any working link that i can download a "Working 3DS Emulator"? Thanks in advance
  17. When the game saves data, it repacks the unpacked party data and assumedly clears any invalid values. The game stores all box pokemon without party stats. That would be too much of a rewrite with unknown (too high) difficulty. Your friend would have to have the same edits for the game not to de-sync during battle.
  18. Last week
  19. I would like to try this but the link for PSaveFixV2 is broken. Can someone link me to another PSaveFix?
  20. Okay, just found out the strange things on the Pokemon Locations guide, specifically abbreviations used for certain parts of it and managed to somewhat translate them: Lake Verity Pre-GAL/Post-GAL: This is either one of two: Getting Across Lake. Lake Verity has two patches of tall grass where to find Pokemon and the person made a distinction on them. It was easy to see due to the fact that the other two lakes only have one patch of grass to go. Galactic Attacks Lake. Lake Verity is also the only lake visited before Team Galactic attacks, thus it may also be that the lake's state and wild Pokemon. Also, it seems you can't get across the lake until AFTER the events on Lake Valor Route 205 Pre/Post-EF: Eternia Forest. The route is split in half by the Eternia Forest, the Pre-EF is the south portion leading to Floaroma and the Valley Windworks, while the Post-EF is the northern portion, leading to Eternia. Mt. Coronet WTRFL: Waterfall (kind of obvious, actually). Complementary, ABV is Above, related to the part that is above said waterfall. Also, the person who wrote it clearly did it with a printed version in mind, because there's a couple of ETC in the last printable column, which means they can be found in more places but the person making them didn't list them so it could be properly printed, thus are missing. The mons listed with the ETC are: Clefairy, Zubat, Golbat, Machoke, Geodude, Graveler, Onix, Goldeen, Seaking, Magikarp, Gyarados, Noctowl, Steelix, Corsola, Remoraid, Nosepass, Meditite, Medicham, Roselia, Barboach, Whiscash, Bidoof, Bibarel, Floatzel, Bronzor, Finneon and Lumineon. Any wqay to get the whole list for those mons?
  21. If you try to use both at the same time, it will fail because my patchers don't know how to safely merge things yet. For the time being, you'll need to either disable the starter mod's portrait patching (right-click the project, click properties, uncheck the appropriate checkbox, and save) or don't use the portrait mod.
  22. Yeah - I actually found the relevant bits concerning the third slot & hidden abilities when I was playing around with save files a while back. Anyway, this was purely a matter of curiosity - I haven't really touched Gen 6 for a while, and I've already collected all of the Friend Safaris that I really care about. It just seemed like an interesting problem.
  23. Okay, so keeping the hacked pokemon in your party will preserve the hacked stats, if I read that right. What if the hacked-stat pokemon is also a permanent mega/primal? In my experience, permanent mega/primal pokemon revert to their normal forms after saving/quitting and starting the game (not sure if this was changed with an update, though I'm pretty sure my version of PKHaX is up to date). I assume modified stats would be lost upon reverting to normal forms? Also, is there a way to modify the game itself such that it does store the edited stat values, allowing for storage of hacked-stat pokemon in the box? I figured ROM hacks would allow me to change base stats, but if I went this route, would I still be able to battle my friend with the edited pokemon? If so, would I need to modify his game as well as my own? Thanks for the quick reply! I know I ask a lot of questions and I appreciate your patience!
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