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  3. Hey can anyone help me unpack/extract my Pokemon Game file because when i unpack it it doesnt work in pkNx.
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  5. Hello, I tried to use the .exp option to set some Pokémon to level 100. I gave them 999'999'999 EXP to be sure all Pokémons with a different exp value table grow up sufficiently, I thought PKHeX would then adjust the amount for each pokémon It worked and show the correct amount of EXP for the pokémon in PKHeX, but not in the game. Is there a safer way to set all Pokémon to level 100 with their correct maximum exp points? Thanks!
  6. Unfortunately i don't really know sorry Also the link for pk3ds should be working but give it time and it might go back up eventually.
  7. That looks to be correct. One other question if you don't mind. Is there a way for the wild encounters you search for to be set to your current TID? When I search for the wild encounters I get some with my OT but the TID is different.
  8. I don't really know what you are asking but if you want to know how to see and edit the wild encounters just select the wild encounters tab once you load the game onto the program. Hope that helped somewhat. Also does anyone know how to edit a specific trainer's pokemon? I want to actually change certain trainers pokemon but I think it only gives me the option to randomize.
  9. Is there a way to pull up encounters for wild Pokemon? I remember some similar function in the past but have forgotten it.
  10. Yeah sorry, Switch Lites aren’t exploitable presently. I misread what you said, and saw it as “are any Switches expoitable yet”. My bad ><
  11. The CFW guide doesn't mention the Nintendo Switch Lite. Are you sure this will work on the Lite edition? Please tell me so I don't end up bricking/corrupting my console. Thank you.
  12. Can the Nintendo Switch Lite be exploited in order to install custom firmware, the homebrew menu, including a save manager app, so we can edit our save data? Thank you and best wishes to all!
  13. Might be a bit early but does anyone have a copy of Sword or Shield and may they lend me their save file? Completed would fine, but also just started would be perfectly suitable. I likely won't be able to get a hold of a copy until next week so I'd just like a save file to play around with over the weekend when a save editor comes out.
  14. yeah, im having trouble downloading it as well...
  15. It's a shame https://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/ is down with a 502 Bad Gateway error; I suppose individual tools will have to do until it's either up, or the pk3DS GitHub has an actual release as a backup measure.
  16. https://teamcity.projectpokemon.org/ is down with a 502 Bad Gateway. Maybe have an alternate release on GitHub? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  18. He did, where? All I see is a .zip and .sav (that loads on PKHeX just fine mind you)
  19. BlackShark

    Eon Ticket

    No, Eon Ticket was not distributed to Emerald, but you can get it by mixing records with Ruby/Sapphire that recieved the ticket from the wondercard.
  20. pkman99

    PKHeX for Mac

    @jasenyoface thinking about this, PKHeX if compiled as 64Bit and only using 64Bit API’s could be make to function on macOS Catalina already since wine64 can function on it already. If that’s not possible or undesirable for any reason, then I’d expect to see a macOS Catalina compatible Unofficial Wineskin Engine about a month after CrossOver19 source code gets uploaded. The developer has already indicated they don’t plan on publishing a WineCX release based on CrossOver19 right away out of respect for CodeWeavers. @Up064830 & @kricketot not sure what to tell you since it’s been confirmed to work on macOS Mojave by other users including myself. But I’ve moved over to using Unofficial Wineskin since I prefer having current wine releases not stuck at Wine-2.22 and Wine-Staging-2.21 when the current release is Wine-4.19 and Wine-Staging-4.19
  21. What a miracle! @Sabresite and I have keen interest in reverse engineering these! This is truly a dream come true! Thank you! You guys are amazing!
  22. Version 1.0.0


    This file is not complete, and Charizard has 2 HM moves, BUT, i have completed all 7 Gyms and caught Articuno and Moltres. All Pokemon are higher than lvl 30, And the highest lvl Pokemon is Charizard, at lvl 62.
  23. Tomitron06

    Eon Ticket

    Is this compatible with Emerald?
  24. Frankly, the risk isn't with bricking your switch or losing data. The risk is with getting one's Switch banned. It is fine that you don't wanna take the plunge, it's your prerogative. However, it is unfair for others to take the fall for you, simply because you wanted hax but didn't want to hack your Switch. (Switch bans from Nintendo can come from modding the Switch, trading hacked mons, trading normally but using a hacked switch, trading mons from USUM when HOME isn't even out etc) If someone wants to help you, they'll PM you after reading this. Else, don't create this topic again. (I mean, seriously, if you want hacks at your beck and call, hack your device. >< ) [also, I removed your duplicate thread lulz]
  25. Hi everybody. It seems that Kurt (PKHeX developer) is planning a software update for use with Sword and Shield, which will be available on 15/11, to be confirmed (see Twitter account @Kaphotics). Problem, I need a switch hacked, and as I dosen’t want to take the risk of hacking the console saw the procedure to follow and I don’t want to lose my all games saves, I wanted to ask someone who already has a switch hacked if he would agree to be able to transfer my Pokémon in his Sword and Shield backup (thanks to my USUM backup that I will send) and then send them back to me by exchange. Of course, this will be done once the game and the update of PKHeX for Sword / Shield released. Do not hesitate to ask me questions if everything is not clear
  26. Oh look, someone decided to ask for a PKHeX SWSH update again, after I specifically said: Seriously, just be patient and wait. The games are not officially out. Do not ask again. If anyone asks even before the game is out, based on what is being said, it could mean that you pirated the games, and that assertion can lead to bans. For your own good, stop asking.
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