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  2. Under Level Collection

    Finally got my own lv10 Dragonite after another shiny. Now apart from fishing Underleved Gyarados for fun (maybe if I got a lv1 by chance ...). But I also think about USUM and here the list of Pokemon I want to find as underleved in the game: -Flaffy (lv6/7) -Donphan (lv20) -Mightyena (lv10) -Masquerain(lv7) -Manetric(lv20) -Kricketune(lv5) -Luxio(lv10) -Gabite(lv15) -Hippodown(lv30) -Watchog(lv10) -Liepard(lv10) -Tranquil(lv7) -Zebristka(lv20) -Gurdurr(lv14) -Palpitoad(lv15) -Swadloon(lv10) -Whirlipede(lv10) -Scolipede(lv10) -Krokorok(lv25) -Vanilish(lv30) -Diggersby(lv10) -Fletchinder(lv10) -Spewpa(lv5) -Vivillion(lv10) -Doublade (lv25) Note: just a wild one will be awesome! -Trumbeak(lv7) -Gumshoos(lv6) -Ribombee(lv5) -Araquanid(lv20) -Shiinotic(lv20) -Steenee(lv15) -Hakamo-o(lv15) And as you can see there is few Water type Pokemon because I'm pissed of hunting them! Oh and for gen8 a conterpart of Pressure effect but for underleved (for example with Rattled).
  3. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    and here I was hoping for some kind of Gen 2 retro Gameboy to Gen 2 3DS functionality. I wonder why it isn't supported..
  4. 6 digit TID for gen7

    In that case, it's because the Pokemon's game origin isn't Gen 7. Only Gen 7 Pokemon use that formula. Edit: This functionality it not controlled by PKHeX; the game mechanic is controlled by the rom itself.
  5. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    I can confirm - I have attempted and receive an "Error" from the Pokémon Pikachu 2. The batteries were replaced shortly before trying it, so unless my Pokémon Pikachu 2 is defective, it's a no go.
  6. 6 digit TID for gen7

    theSLAYER, I did that. in game it displays the 5 digit TID. the same as it shows in the TID box in Pkhex.
  7. I decided to make a quick video and guide on how to compile PKHeX since most of the guides or "tutorials" I see out there are either outdated or way too complicted for the average user that just wants to quickly get the latest version of PKHeX. I know when I first started to get into the compiled versions of PKHeX, I had so much trouble getting things to work. Ill also include a video I just made explaining it too. 1. Go and download Microsoft Studio Community 2017 Here: 2. Install and make sure Microsoft VS opens properly (you may need the latest .NET installed) 3. go to and download the latest master 4. Unzip the "PKHeX-master" folder from the zip you just downloaded and open "PKHeX.sln" 5. click on "Build" and then "Build Solution" 6. Make Sure it Says that 0 Failed. If any Files Fail to Build I Would Just Retry Step 5 7. Go back to the "PKHeX-master" Folder from Earlier and Enter (PKHeX.WinForms>>bin>>Debug) If Everything Worked you Should see All of the PKHeX Files in this Folder. (You Only Need the PKHeX Program (the one with the PKHeX Logo) and the PKHeX.Core.dll File. The Rest of the "PKHeX-master Folder Can be Deleted. Congrats! You Just Learned How to Compile PKHeX. If You Need Any More Clarification Just Check Out My Video Tutorial Above.
  8. 6 digit TID for gen7

    Okay, basically insert the old school style TID into TID, and SID into SID. Gen 7 TID displayed in game is calculated using both those values.
  9. 6 digit TID for gen7

    Kaphotics, how do we input a 6 digit TID for gen7, when there is only 5 digits in the TID box?
  10. I finally found something コイキング/Magikarp related. The picture that was posted in this forum was definitely a hack. It is confirmed that it has only one move which is Dragon Rage.
  11. Easy Modifying Trainer Info

    Batch Editor. Read the FAQ.
  12. Updated with Move Tutor information. The Egg Move table and battle position files are next.
  13. Easy Modifying Trainer Info

    is there an easy way to "copy" trainer id from 1 pokemon, and "paste" it onto another? this would be an amazing feature. as of now, we have to copy TID, SID, and trainer name individually, and paste to new poke, right? thanks request --> Kaphotics
  14. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Here are the Pokemon Colosseum Celebi in French, Italian and Spanish. Something happened with the German one. It had a German OT and was French. I'm going to obtain another one to make sure the German one is just messed up and I didn't do something wrong. I *might* be able to get the 4 missing Pikachu as well. I need to mess around a bit more. 251 - CELEBI - 28DF5C6764D8.pk3 251 - CELEBI - 7882C42E3ACF.pk3 251 - CELEBI - AA7949EAA2E1.pk3 Edit: 025 - PIKACHU - 1141233A5907.ck3 251 - CELEBI - D92DC4B17A5E.ck3
  15. Need help to find pokewalker's pokemon

    This isn't all of them. Most are the Japanese event ones. They were all self-obtained before my Japanese Pokewalker was introduced to the washing machine. JpSoulSilverPokeWalkers.sav
  16. SUCCESS!!! Replace all 29 instances of that ^ with all 0's in the garc located at a\1\7\0 and you will be able to use your Mega Mewtwo's and Primordial Groudons to your heart's desire in Battle Maison (Ignore the "E0 01 07" for ORAS games I guess, as well as X and Y). Have not tested this yet for Sun and Moon but if it was as easy as it was for ORAS then it shouldn't be difficult. I'll bet it'll be the same for Ultra SuMo as well, if not similar.
  17. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Oh damn, it doesn't?
  18. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    Somebody on Twitter wondered the same. SnorlaxMonster said it doesn't.
  19. [BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type

    Wish I'd known that three years ago. I've got about 300 of these things to re-transfer with PKHeX. But god you don't know how happy it makes me to hear that. You kids these days with your legality checkers. Back in my day we used an untranslated Japanese program still in alpha and HxD and we were grateful.
  20. [BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type

    If you had the pkm files (or save file) in gen3 format, you can always drag them over to any future generation save file and PKHeX will convert them for you! No need to try and fake the transferred data
  21. Invalid Word Filter Errors and more Misc Issues

    Gen5: PKHeX doesn't auto-clear bad nicknames; it only checks for them. PKHeX uses the 3DS wordfilter to check for bad names; there are no records of what the official checks are. Gen6/7: Possible that the OT wordfilters are only enforced in the online trades (set to Sun. / Moon. ??) Bobo = retard/moron in Tagalog Mona = "cunt" in Italian Growlithe/Bad Strings: pk4/pk5 have very minor differences and were not differentiated back in the day (pkm). Probable that the original pkm was misinterpreted as the wrong format, thus using the incorrect character encoding. looks like the name is ⑹rawr!, with OT Jemma. It's being auto-recognized as a pk5 due to the Met Location being 30001 (which is impossible in Gen4). Likely hacked. Legality check from tabs: Legality checking from tabs prepares the pkm data in the event that any property was modified. To check a PKM without using the tabs, you can hold control to bring up the "Legality" option (like View/Set/Delete) in the box view. Pichu: IVs are hacked (5IV, with no PIDIV method) thus not a wild capture, thus an egg.
  22. [BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type

    ???? I've hacked some of the ones that got flagged but that definitely wasn't one of them. I caught the parents and decided I wanted one with Volt Tackle so I bred an Egg off them. I definitely fucked something up in PokeGen, then. So I'm just gonna say as a warning to everyone else: don't use this thing to unscramble PKM files. It doesn't work the way I thought it does. Oh well. This has been a learning experience. Thank you for the help!
  23. [BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type

    Raichu/Pikachu: Only place Pikachu can be captured (in Sapphire) is in the Safari Zone. >The Raichu was from an egg >Origin Seed: EB907277 >PID Type: Method_1 definitely not from an egg
  24. [BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type

    Did that, rolled a new PID, and put the trainer info back in. It fixed the Raichu, but stuff like the Starmie that I actually caught don't seem to fix. I'm gonna go all the way back to my Gen 3 fie and bring everything forward again (this time properly without stapling everything together using HxD and PokeGen) and see if anything is still messed up. The one labeled FIXED is the one PKHeX accepts as legal after I had it roll a new PID. For some reason this method is working with some Pokemon, but not all of them. 026 - Elektra - 87F109E70E6B.pk7 026 - Elektra FIXED - 7516D53D303B.pk7
  25. [BUG(?)] Gen 3 Pokemon flagged as illegal due to Ball type

    I don't know if this helps, but this is a pichu I have sitting around that hatched from an egg on emerald for comparison if you give Kaph the .pkm of Raichu. 172 - PICHU - 72ACA36FD883.pk3
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