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  2. Gen 8 expectations

    This is what they begin to do with Friend Safari in XY but I can't tell if it was a success or not. I mean I found it cool but frustrating in the same time. And Pokemon Ranger 3 coop mission disguted me to buy it, especially because only one player can receive the Deoxys. That is a storage and conversion problem unfortunately. Yeah agree but in the same time the story was the best part of Sun/Moon. Just an option to skip them for example?
  3. Under Level Collection

    Found new Underleved: XY Friend Safari Cacturne at lv30 Totem Gift Lurantis at lv30 USUM
  4. Gender forms gen 1 (final part) zubat male are missing (are female forms) raticate are both male forms
  5. [Bug] Ruby/Sapphire Mailbox

    PKHeX doesn't have RS's offset for the mailbox so it reads garbage data instead of the actual mail data. It thinks that Emerald and RS have the same offsets. pokemon ruby.sav
  6. Today
  7. I'm going to use it against my friends, who are already aware that they're not legal. I already made the files, just put them in your PkHEX service and trade it to me. My in game name is Sceptile, and my friend code is 4743-0960-3800. I play Pokemon Y.
  8. Gen 8 expectations

    New features: An open world section of the game, where you can explore randomly generated areas with other players and have the chance to catch rare Pokemon, or maybe Pokemon with unique moves, such as a Pikachu with Surf or Fly for example. Maybe in this you can team up with other players to capture a legendary. I'm thinking take the social aspects from Pokemon Go and make that work with a traditional Pokemon game. This doesn't even have to be in the main story section of the game, however could be an unlocked safari multiplayer type feature post game. Improving the communication within the game would be nice, this seems to have regressed in Gen 7 to the point where you can't even type your own message when putting a Pokemon on the GTS. We should be able to voice chat in game at this point, that would be essential for the above open world idea. Retaining more of the information for Pokemon imported from previous generations, for example the date / route it was caught, not just replacing it with something generic based on the game it came from. Some returning features i'd like: National Pokedex - as someone who enjoys the collecting aspect of the game the most I really don't like how it's absent from all Gen 7 games. PSS - I did enjoy having this up as i'm randomly playing the game, it gave the feeling that your playing with other people as you progress though the story. DexNav - I liked this, from a collecting point of view this was extremely useful. Wishes: Don't milk the franchise, by that I mean don't release Gen 8, then release the same game again a year later, slightly changed... (looking at you Ultra Sun and Moon). The Switch is a modern console, an expansion pack released at a later date with new regions to explore might actually work well for a Pokemon game if done right. Don't go overboard with all the cut scenes, I felt this was too much in the Gen 7 games.
  9. hi, i have a question, my 3DS is US and my game ultramoon is US too, is legit to have a diferent region pokemon in my game?
  10. Hi I have Citra on my PC. Is there a tutorial on how to get it running on Citra? or a separate file with the rom?
  11. Gen 8 expectations

    I can actually see Nintendo doing the Jurassic Park one to be honest. I can't see the shiny lock being removed because they need them for potential events (I'm still holding out for AZ's Floette) and I would love the Gift Pokémon idea. That sounds so cool.
  12. Gen 8 expectations

    Hi, I opened a new thread in order to discuss about your expectations about gen 8. What kind of things do you want to see or to return? Here's my top: New features: 1)Exclusive new double types (Ground/Fairy, Electick/Dark, Fight/Electrik, Rock/Ghost, Normal/Ghost, Poison/Steel ...) 2)A real exploration 3)End of shinylock 4)A Jurassic Park (where you can catch Fossil Pokemon, even with their HA) 5)More character customisation (clothes from past heroes or evil teams ...) 6)Gift Pokemon option in Mystery gift menu to send a Pokemon to a friend for its bithday or a special event 7)A focus on underleved hunting (with for example the White Flute) 8)New Pokeballs Returning Feature 1)Return of Flutes, all the Berries (even event and E-reader ones) and Safari/Sport/Parc Balls 2)DexNav from ORAS or something like that 3)PSS from XYORAS or something like that 4)Battle frontier from Emerald or something like that 5)Pokemon following you Other Gen 4 Compatibility with Pokemon Bank in 3ds End of restritions for Mew in gen1, HoA Arceus, DP Shaymin/Darkrai, HeadSmash Nosepass, Charm Bulbasaur, Charm Snorlax, Aurora Beam/Barrier/Supersonic Staryu, Odd Eggs in Poketransporter
  13. Messed stat screen in new version

    Fixed yesterday, thanks for reporting
  14. Messed stat screen in new version

    I have a 4k laptop with 250%. I can test too if needed.
  15. Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon PID Error /Latest Pkhex Build

    To clarify, were your Pokemon actually transferred using Poketransporter? Mine were, and there all had EC != PID. I think it previously wasn't reported/confirmed.
  16. Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon PID Error /Latest Pkhex Build

    oh i see so you have to reroll the encrytion constant very wierd that last Pkhex build didnt flag it
  17. Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon PID Error /Latest Pkhex Build

    It's not a bug. Encryption Constant should not be the same value as PID for Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon.
  18. Well Today i finally updated my Pkhex to the latest build an am having some errors with Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon when i loaded my Pk7 files will show before an after the old Build to the new Build i dont know whats the problem now but its being flagged as illegal in the latest update
  19. yeah, we shall wait
  20. USUM - Arceus (details not confirmed)

    i see, well i going to wait for the new one
  21. The other chance back then probably refers to the common code ARCEUS2016 / ARCEUS20 distribution, as original distribution was unique serial codes, as read here: and predicted here:
  22. USUM - Arceus (details not confirmed)

    im hoping this is the ''another chance'' because i dont remember another american arceus distribution after 20 event u.u i managed to transfer my dreamworld arceus to ultramoon, i missed the others xD
  23. lol, I guess their Mythical 20 links timed out. In any case, that's an older event. Original post only says to wait for an update, and here we are, waiting.
  24. USUM - Arceus (details not confirmed)

    sent me here >.<
  25. With the big "20" in the image, I'm pretty sure that's referring to last year's Mythical 20 distribution. When you click on that link, where does it redirect to?
  26. USUM - Arceus (details not confirmed)

    hi im new here was checking this topic and i remember receive the mail about meloetta distribution and scrolled down and seen this about arceus, could be something about ultrasun&ultramoon?
  27. Hey, do check our 3d Model page, and go of from there, as it references and displays all the 3D models we have (and missing ones will have the space there) Also, I meant the back of goldeen >< (I'm basing it off horn size) the shiny goldeen's back has a noticeably shorter horn than the non-shiny back, meaning it's female, not male. ----edit---- In the mean time, using the method I described above for removing background, I'll be changing Pokemon with partial transparency (that retained pokedex background) to full opaque, until there's a software way for applying mass partial transparency. Examples of completed gifs: original: (the colors I used for translucent areas came from their texture files)
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