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Cynthia's Togepi


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Okay, I'm writing this thread to see if anyone can tell me a little bit more about how Cynthia's Togepi egg location works in Pokesav.

According to Preston's guide on the hidden hex values, the game assigns the location "Shirona/Cynthia" to 2011, which is the Hall of Fame in Diamond and Pearl, but because of the additions of hidden hex values, Platinum is able to read it as Cynthia. How does that display when traded over to D/P ??? Does it go with Far Away Place? Or does it say Hall of Fame?

Also, I opened up my Togepi in Pokesav (while it was still on my Platinum save) and it had the location set to 3002, Far Away Place... Is that how Pokesav reads it? Would saving the Togepi at 3002 mess it up in the future? I didn't save it and just backed out, cause I'm trying to keep my Platinum as un-altered as possible...

Let me know what you know, if you know anything more.:)

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Pokemon from platinum have two location areas. The real platinum location and a DP compatible location. The DP compatible location is in the same place as it was for DP. The platinum locations are in 0x44-0x47.

However, COM did not update pokesav platinum to recognize those as locations.

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The Togepi should always appear as 3002 in pokesav? And the Plat location data should just be appropriately set in the 0x44-0x47 values?

That is correct.

SO what's up with Preston's note about the location at 2011?
He was probably going off the faulty jap --> english translation in pokesav rather than going by the game.
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