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Games: Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu

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Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?17683">Turtwig</a>: <a href="/news/250/Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu">Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu</a><p>

Pokemon Sunday had revealed a new Pokemon, Yanappu. A grass Pokemon seen earlier as a toy in a Japanese message board (2ch). Yanappu knows a new move called "Acrobat" used in triple battle's to attack any opponent  in battle. Yanappu also has an ability known as "Gluttony".</p>


<img alt="" height="193" src="http://i37.tinypic.com/2q04zeu.jpg" width="280" /></p>

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guys they have also realeased information about the other types of this guy, there is a water, fire and grass type of this guy

The water ones name is Baoppu, the fire one is Hiyappu and the grass (as pointed out) is yanappu.

This information is still yet to be confirmed but these were released yesterday and have a really high chance of being correct

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