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Your best pokemon card?


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Celebi EX 117/115.

Pokemon EX Unseen Forces Set.

Me and a few friends opened 60 Boxes, of booster packs, and I was the only one to get this Celebi. I also got one at the pre-release event, although I didn't open that packet until after I opened the 20 Boxes I got 2 days later.

Other than that I have

2 Celebi STAR 99/98and

3 Alakazam STAR 100/98

from the EX Crystal Guardian Set.

I opened 20 of 60 boxes of these also.

I also have the origional 53 Black Star Promos, 3 sets to be exact.

I stoped playing the TCG after Crystal Guardians tho. So I'm guessing thses arn't rare anymore.

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1st Edition Base Set Holo Charizard. Atleast I think its still worth something, I don't play the TCG anymore.

And Sabresite, I am sure you have atleast one black lotus hiding somewhere right? :P (I don't but I do have some of the mono's and lotus petal)

I wish I had a black lotus. I found out a couple years ago that MTG cards go DRASTICALLY down in value. Some of my cards that used to be worth $150, are now worth no more than $20.

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Ancient Mew isn't really the best, as you don't know what it says, and it's not allowed in the TCG :3

It's all a matter of opinion really, it may be that they don't play the cards but rather just enjoy the artwork on it's own merits.

My favourte cards were from the 'Pikachu World Collection' set which had nine cards from different languages all Pikachu related and included a few such as '____'s Pikachu' which I have always cherished. Gonna have to dig that out to see it again.

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