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    • Bulbasaur
    • Charmander
    • Squirtle

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So, kind of curious as to who picked who in the new versions of Red and Blue. Did time change anything? Or, did you stick with the starter you used to pick back in the old days.

As for me, it changed. I used to pick Charmander because of how awesome Charizard was. I ended up picking Bulbasaur in the reincarnation though.

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Charizard OWNS hes probably one of the strongest starters

Charmander's strong specially but like Sceptile, who also has a decent special attack but lower attack power, his physical movepool is much better, so people end up using Belly Drum on Charizard or something... pretty strong if you pull it off, but with Stealth Rocks everywhere it's almost impossible.

Best Kanto starter is Bulbasaur, no doubt. Squirtle is the worst one... but I always pick him... not caring if he is the worst one.

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I chose Charmander as it is my favourite out of the three, however I chose a different starter nearly every time I reset LG, just for the fun of it :)

But yeah, Charmander is definitely my absolute favourite. (And it's like chosing hard mode for the game :P)

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Ah, the first time I played Pokémon Red Version I started with Squirtle. I remember nicknaming is "Squirt", how original :P But I was like 6 years old. Yeah, I like using Charmander as my starter for the fact that it can learn Fly once evolved into Charizard. Means I don't need a Pidgey/Spearow or whatever :P

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I used Pokesav so I have Charmander, ,Squirtle, and Bulbasaur on my Pokemon Platinum for my starting team....

And since I didn't spend time to think up a good nickname for Squirtle....she's Squirt. I'll think up a good one later =)

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Charizard is good... that is... was good... but Bellyzard no longer works the way he's supposed to. Stealth Rocks are everywhere and does him no good... common Stone Edges just kill him, and the ever so rampant Sandstream is like a ticking bomb for Charizard's duration where he NEEDS to sacrifice his HP to sweep so well @_@

Venusaur's overall bulk and ability to status stuff and seed an enemy makes him preferred in competitive battles. But yeah, Charizard is definitely good in-game.

EDIT: Yay! One more person to have picked Bulbasaur!

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For me it was Vulpix that satisfied my Fire type need (I had Leaf Green)... although she's NOWHERE near close to an awesome sweeper as Arcanine. With Ninetales, I had to play more strategically :-/

And yay! We have another Bulbasaur user! Bellsprout was my main plant though... because I'm a Squirtle user.

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