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Wiki project: Building a guide to the regions

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Ok, my current wiki project is a large one. I'm working on building a guide to all the places in pokemon sort of like Serebii's pokeearth. These pages would include a lot of information that of course is only obtained while in game and not using any other outside resource to build the page. It will cover detailed information on all the places a page for each place. This information should be listed by game so for example route 201 (my current page in the works) should have information for platinum, pearl, and diamond games.

What is included in these pages?

~Place name

~How to get to place

~Pokemon that are in this place while walking around in morning, day, and nighttimes

~Pokemon that can be found using only the pokeradar

~Pokemon that can be found only when a certain GBA game is inserted into the GBA slot on the ds/lite

~Trainers in this place and pokemon


Where I need help

Everywhere, this is a big project for one person to take on alone. I was hoping to get people to handle certain routes or people to handle certain aspects of a page. Like a certain group of people will handle what pokemon can be found in the morning in platinum. Or people that do specifically the pokeradar pokemon. If you would like to offer your services PM me.

What region to start with?

Sinnoh is the current region to work on. Then

we'll work back from there. However, sinnoh, in and of itself will be hard to complete and should take a while. The next region to work on will be hoenn but dont even bother with that. For now sinnoh. I will update this post when sinnoh gets completed.


PM me if you have any questions or you want me to assign you a job.

If you do help....

If you do help and decide to finish a route or notice a route is complete please PM me telling me it is complete so I can take it off of the list.

Note: I will be doing other side things for wiki whenever I get like, a light bulb idea, so to speak but this will be my main focus.

Please comment, and PM me with your questions and offers to help!

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