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Wonder Guard Sableye


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I have heard people say you can make Sableye or Spiritomb have the ability, Wonder Guard by hacking it I think. And I thought it would be great to have a Wonder Guard Sableye because it can be an invincible Pokemon because Sableye is a Ghost-Type Pokemon and their is no weakness against Ghost-Types and the ability Wonder Guard won't make the opponent's Pokemon attack only if it uses a super effective move against it. So I thought I can beat my cousin up in a battle and win lots of times (he used to beat me lots of times) and I am asking if someone can make a Wonder Guard Sableye for me and trade it. And here is the spoiler. Thanks.

Pokemon: Sableye

Held Item: Jaboca Berry

Level: 100

Ability: Wonder Guard

Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): Jesse

Nickname (If wanted):

Trainer ID (If specific): 33233

Secret ID (If specific): 33233

Pokemon Gender (If specific): male

Attacks: Power Gem PP:20, Focus Punch PP:20, Fire Punch PP:15, and Shadow Ball PP:15

Shiny (Yes or No): Yes

Egg (Yes or No): No

Nature: Naughty

Pokerus Status: not infected

Pokeball Captured In: Great Ball

Battle Stats: Any

EV Stats: Any

IV Stats: Any

Ribbons (If any): All

Location/Date Met: Any

Level Met At: Any

Location/Date Hatched (If An Egg): no egg

PP (Max or normal): Max

Happiness: Full

Contest Stats: Full Contest Stats

Friend Code (If Trading): 1033 2964 6766

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There are game save and Pokemon editors that allow you to create any Pokemon to any specification. My preference is to create Pokemon that have the correct moves and abilities. Given a specification it is possible to create pretty much anything

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