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Mew Glitch


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Ah, the nostalgia of the RBY days. I remember way back then being at school and hearing for the first time about the item duplication trick from a friend. After learning how to do it I abused the hell out of it, and then force fed rare candies and vitamins to my PKMN. Remember the rare candy myth? I also remember the countless rumors regarding "new" PKMN that could be obtained only by doing stuff like talking to someone a number of times or beating the E4 more than 100 times and such. PKMN like Pikablu (Marill) and then Togepi; in fact, I remember at the time having read an article in a gaming magazine about Togepi being in RB, which nowadays I think about it and can't help but laugh.

Another truly nostalgic aspect of the RBY games is the music; I get flooded by nostalgia every time I hear the theme from Viridian Forest.

Gotta love the yesteryears.

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However, we're going off topic here... and how is it possible to get infinite HP? I've seen HP bars exploding before, but I don't know anything else about it.

You could get it by encountering a Pokémon of level >100 at the edge of Cinnabar Island (actually when you are performing the 'Old Man' glitch). You have to catch it, give it Rare Candies until it reaches lv. 255 and after that you had to give it Hp Ups, then use another Rare Candy. It will grow to level 0 (I tested it yesterday night to be sure. ;P). But, it will have an immense HP value, which is displayed with an E in the beginning instead of a number (like 'E44'). I can remember that I had discovered the glitch before I read something about it. I used a Starmie for it and let an Oddish use Absorb on it... and my Starmie survived it. ^^ Yesterday I decided to check this glitch, but you don't have to give your Pokémon 10 Hp Ups. One single Hp Up will work too!

But those glitches were very cool. :) Another glitch, called the 0 ERROR glitch, could be activated the same way as the Mew glitch (or, for a great deal at least). Instead of the Slowpoke trainer, you'll use a Bug Catcher at Route 6, you must fly to Vermillion and battle a trainer the same way as in the Mew glitch. The difference is that you must go back to Vermillion and talk with the man with the Machop. When you go back to Route 6, the route is glitched; you start to walk slowly and mysterious cries can be heard after a while, for example. Actually, I thought the route where the gambler is situated, is glitched too when you are performing the Mew Glitch. I used the Mew Glitch many times with a friend to see what Pokémon appeared when battling other trainers. ;) We revealed many routes, but we never explored them all...

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today I discovered some useless glitch to this glitch that will still get you a mew:creep:

after you battle the trainer and before you go to get mew, Buy 20 pokeballs(confirmed only to work on nugget bridge grass guy, and swimmer) and instead of the start menu popping up, this message will play:

With your ability,

you could become

a top leader in


after the dialogue ends you will encounter mew

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Man, that was fun to look through. Memories :D (I misremembered a bit about the Cinnabar gym roof though, you don't actually get to be up there, you just see a guy up there)

I vaguely remember one thing that I couldn't find any info about on that site. Wasn't there some way you could have a wild battle with Professor Oak? Something with him at least, I remember thinking it was hilarious. I have a feeling it had to do with the Elite 4, but may have been Missingno., or something totally different. Hmm. Anyone remember this?

You're thinking of the Ditto Glitch, very much similar to the Mew Glitch. So instead of teleporting like usual, fly to FUCHSIA CITY, then walk to the east towards ROUTE 15, fight any trainer. Then walk into grass area until you encounter DITTO. Then switch to a Pokémon with a special of 226, battle or run [doesn't matter]. Immediately after the battle, return to the place where you first teleported. The start menu will open, then you will fight Prof. Oak. Lower his attack 4 to 6 times using Growl for him to have a Charizard, Venosaur, or Blastoise team.

Note 1: It is crucial that DITTO transforms into the Pokémon with a special of 226. After that it doesn't matter if choose to fight, just don't catch it.

Note 2: Its is important to use 4-6 growls for him to have his proper team.

And yes he has a connection to Elite Four. His team is identical to Gary's. Implying that the player was supposed to fight him at instead of Gary. But it makes more sense to fight Gary when you think about it.

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7 minutes ago, jestineda4 said:

Couldn't believe this would work when I first read about it. Seems like a lot of trouble, but it works.

Never expected this, haha :)

It still works cause they couldn't even be bothered to change the rom.
[also, they potentially can block you from transferring the Mew over to newer games]

(if you unpack the the VC rom, and compare the game itself, it's exactly the same)

However, their VC program does allow running patches alongside it,
which was done to things like reducing flashes of the games (probably a thing after the Porygon Epileptic mayhem),
changing of Jynx's colors on Pokemon Yellow (the color was changed after uninformed people thought the game was being racist, so this is to match the present color scheme),
allowing the trading function to use 3DS' wireless capabilities,
and Yellow surfing Minigame without stadium connection.

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On 19/1/2017 at 2:41 PM, theSLAYER said:

It still works cause they couldn't even be bothered to change the rom.

I read somewhere (interview?) that they considered fixing bugs, but then decided that people would like to have the same experience as the original, bugs and glitches included (this already happened with the OOT remake, were they deliverately kept non game breaking glitches for people to still be able to "enjoy" them).

But I feel like for these games it's just an excuse....not that I'm complaining.

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