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Pokemon Labyrinth - PGL - B&W - Eeveelutions event


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The official site has posted that the PGL will be relaunched on October 4th, but the PDW not being available until October 11th. This has resulted in the Eeveelution event being pushed back a little bit. It will now be available from October 20th until January 1st.

Other restrictions include that (at first), you will only be able to use PGL for an hour a day and that usage will be limited to only those who actually have a copy of BW.

Between those who will contribute their savs, and those who have passed their account info along to me (to collect and extract the savs), we will have all of them covered.


Vaporeon - buzzthebatgirl

Jolteon - Alpha, lorddaniel

Flareon - Guested, Chancellor Cole

Espeon - poke_soccer_fan, ShiningMew2

Umbreon - war-lord, d4rk_13l1t2er, Aquaguy34

Leafeon - Sol64

Glaceon - Gallade

Let me know if I missed you

----Those of you who passed your account info along to me, I would yet again like to remind you to NOT link that Daisuki Club account with your PGL information (as I will not be able to access it if you do).

----Those of you who will be submitting your savs, please follow this guideline below (I have updated it):

- You must access the Pokemon Dream World (PDW) in the Pokemon Global Link (PGL) website and link it to your Daisuki Club account using the Campaign link (will provide better details on that when I can get a screencap).

This can be done between October 20th and January 1st.

In B&W:

- Get the C-Gear Key Item from Makomo at the Sanyou City Research Center (needed to sync w/ PGL)

(back up your sav file)

- Use it to send a Pokemon to sleep (to the PDW) (aka, sync your save game with the PGL site)

(back up your sav file)

In PGL website:

- Encounter your Eeveelution (however it works). The site says there is a board in your house with photos of the pokemon you've encountered.

In B&W:

- Wake your Pokemon up (aka, re-sync your save game with the PGL site)

(back up your sav file)

- Go to the High Link location and have your dream-encountered Pokemon join your group.

(back up your sav file)

- Eevelution is yours!

As you can see, we would like FOUR sav backups so that we can compare before and after properly.

(before sync, after sync, after resync/before pickup, after pickup)

If you are not comfortable posting your savs in public on this thread, you can send them to me, and we'll get to work on extracting the data and getting it released in a usable way.

Thanks again everyone! I'm really pleased that so many people contributed to collecting this very complicated event!

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Eeveelutions here we come, just one more day for it to be active; can't wait for that Espeon. GL under maitenance right now, they better give us more sleeps in one day, one isn't enough. I get the 1 hour, but at least three sleeps different pokemon and transfers in that hour to take advantage of the hour.

4 more hours before it's 20th of Oct in Japan.. So it's confirmed that we can get one eeveelution for each black and white right? Coz I don't want to risk losing the 2nd one, thus unable to contribute :(

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Dream World is down for maintenance until at least 2am Japan time. And even when it comes back up, there's no confirmation that the even will start precisely when the date switches over (although, that could be what this maintenance is).

Yes, you can link your account to two games and get the event pokemon in both (according to the official description).

Assuming all goes according to plan, I SHOULD have everything up in some form or another by 30 hours from this post.

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Dream World is up, much faster than the scheduled time, now looking for the eeveelution, will keep updating here..

EDIT 1: No eeveelution found in the friend board, on the wild, or even in the dream tree

EDIT 2: Somehow the amount of pokemon that can be found increased from a couple of days I've played before (though it's still limited to certain amount), because of the new update?

EDIT 3: Nothing in the catalog book, friend board, berry farm or berry rack

OOT EDIT 4: News about Poison Hand Croagunk now available on pokemon-gl, anyone?

EDIT 5: Only your recent befriended pokemon that come back with you from the dream to HL, no eeveelution either

Did they delay the event again? Or I'm pretty much screwed :(

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After clicking on the campaign link on the main PGL site, you can choose the one about Labyrinth and the Daisuki Club だいすきクラブ, then click on Next (次へ) and just follow through the little sequence to meet your pokemon.

Then, after syncing and going to the DW, waking up the pokemon, and resyncing, you can meet your Pokemon in the High Link Forest.

Those who still plan to conribute, please make sure you are backing up your saves at the correct time (check the first post).

Regarding the stuff I was putting together: I'm still waiting on a couple savs from some people, and with moving around my flashcart, I messed up the date settings on one of my savs and will have to wait until tomorrow to be able to Sync it and get the pokemon from that game.

Edited by Guested
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Well that was the first time I saw 2 poke coming back from the DW lol.. I'll try to sync with my Black (flashcart) now, but I doubt I can go back to DW coz of the 1-hour daily limit..

EDIT: this message showed up when I'm trying to enter the ID to my other copy, anyone know what this means?

EDIT 2: and we're done with that, now working on with the saves..

EDIT 3: aaaaand.. Server Busy, I'll try again later or tomorrow then :)

EDIT 4: I forgot to go to DW before re-syncing (silly me, I know), so it'll have to wait til tomorrow, too bad, but at least I'm pretty sure on how to do it now ;)

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What the Freak man!? The pokemon i put to sleep earlier didn't appear in DW at all now i have to wait for another day to put another pokemon to sleep again, this sucks!


Alright a similar thing happened today again, I had a pokemon sleeping it showed up i was in DW and everything but had to leave to do something quick so i logged out properly in case my computer fell asleep or somthing left everything as it was and when i returned my ds had turned off (low battery) Although i've played with my ds off before this time the link was broken between DW and my ds this time it showed no pokemon asleep in dw but my ds says different. Is there anyway to resync without having to take out that sleeping pokemon and wait another day? And is it required to have my ds on the whole time i'm on dream world?

Edited by poke_soccer_fan
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It would be apreciated if you also contributed the .sav files for then the pokémon are in the high link, so that it will be possible to soft reset for prefered natures and iv's. This is better than making a hack that will force them to appear in HL, as the OT in that case wouldn't be the same as any of those that has sent the pokés from DW. I do understnad that all contributors may not want their .sav files to be accesable for everyone, but you can at least post the .sav files you created souly to pick up the event from borrowed daisuki club accounts.

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A big thanks to all the people who played along and contributed to this event!

I think a big thanks should go to Guested for organising this whole event, without his Japanese translations and patience to post up all this info, none of this would be possible. It was an akward event to collect the full set, but somehow you did it by mobilising the community.

Thanks again for all your work and thanks to everyone else who worked to get us the Eeveeultions!

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