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I, unfortunately, was unable to get the SMR2010 Jirachi for the US. I downloaded the event stuff and I got that to work but I want to edit its IVs and Nature, is there a way to do that. If not, is there a way to change the OT name to something other then yours cause it wont let me. I want it to say SMR2010 Jirachi because if I cant edit the event Jirachi's IVs and Nature I want to make one that isn't look as legit as possible.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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A .PKM file would be nice. What I'm looking for is a


Nature: Calm

IVs: 31/10/31/23/31/25


EVs: 248 hp/248 sp. def/12 speed




-Thunder Wave


If its possible to make it look like it was from the actual SMR2010 Jirachi event that'd be great!

If you could do that I'd greatly appreciate it.


Yea, I do have an AR. Oh, and the version is Pokemon Pearl.

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