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You must trade it via Local Wireless and you can only trade Darkrai, Riolu and the Manaphy Egg one time. After that you can never trade them ever again.

To transfer a Darkrai, Riolu or a Manaphy Egg to your Pearl, you must go to your Mystery Gift via Pearl and choose the option Recieve Gift from a Friend.

Did you already trade your Darkrai to your Pearl?

Did you use an AR while playing your Almia at all?

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Seriously what's wrong with my question ...

Well I explain with details.

Imagine, I play with a Korean version of Pokemon ranger 2.

I do the secret mission for Darkrai and Riolu.

So I send it in my diamant korean version.

Now I use pokesav/pokegen to take this 2 event et send it in a European version.

So, no problem with that, I know how I must do that.

So my question is ... the korean secret mission for ranger 2 exist or not ?

Because nobody purpose this event from korean version. (Darkrai and Riolu, You can trade a korean pokemon if he is send with pokesav/pokegen in an other version) ...

I hope that's better. I can't more explain.

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