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A humble request


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Good evening friends, I just discovered the world of editing and am trying to get my feet wet for both myself and my sons. I was hoping someone would be kind enough to possibly pokesav a legit charmander.

Pokemon Species: Charmander (Male)

Held Item:



Nickname (If wanted): none please

Trainer ID (If specific):I would like to show it to show another trainers info here, from a trade since I don't know my Secret id

Secret ID (If specific):

Shiny (Yes or No):yes

Egg (Yes or No): I don't know if having it in an egg makes it more difficult, but I would love to have it as such if it would automatically know my ids and see me as it's first trainer


Pokérus Status:none

Pokéball Captured In:

EV Stats:

IV Stats:Not perfect but close. 26-30

Ribbons (If any):

Location/Date Met:

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

Friend Code (If Trading):

Would it also be possible to have him having learned sword dance?

I would be happy with a .pkm file as I have just learned the wifi trick to trade them to myself.

Thank you very much in advance for your time in this, if there is anything that I can do in return... just ask.

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I could make this... but I just did an experiment for hatching a shiny, and turns out it will not hatch shiny unless I have both your TID and SID. I could find your SID if you trade me a Pokemon.

So would you want to trade me something to find the SID for an egg, or just have the hatched Charmander?

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I used this .pkm file and put in my TID and SID and got Pokegen to give me a shiny PID (the only changes I made to it). I wrote a spreadsheet to work out the Xor's for me.

For the egg it says something like "Looks like it will take a very long time to hatch" and that was after going up and down Goldenrod from the Day-Care to the steps into the National Park for about 10 minutes. Would that imply a problem with the egg I made? I used an AR code to load the egg into a PC box. I did a normal Pokemon egg a few hours ago and that worked fine.

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I also changed the game name on the first page. I just compared my file with yours and the majority of the information is identical. I eventually used the egg I'd created earlier for an Absol and changed the PID to give me a Shiny and that one hatched perfectly. I am attaching both files to this post...

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