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Recent Happenings in the Sinnoh Games!


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It's been a fairly good thread in HG/SS, so here's one for Sinnoh! Please state what game you're playing.

Game: Platinum

I finally beat the E4 and got to the Battle Zone and did the Double Battle with Rival Jun. Then I realized I had 5 holes in my Pokedex: The Lake Trio (deliberate), Chatot (easy to catch), and Tentacool.

How in the world did I go through 8 gyms + the E4 and not encounter a single Tentacool?

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Hmm, this topic is not as fairly good as it is for HG/SS, it seems. ^^

Anyway, there are plenty of happenings on my side. I restarted with Pearl two days ago. :) I did not want to have any of the starters, so I traded myself a Froslass to begin with. It also came to mind I could not catch a Kirlia (it is possible with Pokéradar, but hey, that is after I beat the Elite Four!). I mixed things up with Platinum, I suppose. Well, it went fine for a while, and when I accidentally walked through Ravaged Path, I met a shiny Zubat! I could catch her, so I did, and I took her in my party. Recently, I trained my Pokémon with Cheryl in Eterna Forest until lv. 20 or something. Training with her is very handy as Cheryl keeps healing your Pokémon after every battle and you get the full exp. points of the two opponents you defeated. After that, I caught a Budew in Eterna Forest (since it has the ability to cut trees... for some reason) and a Ponyta on Route 211. It is a pain to train with only Tackle as attacking move, even while Ponyta has a decent attack stat! I hope I can defeat more of those of my kind, because Ponyta has a rather high exp. point value... and wrapping Chingling's are frustrating me! When Ponyta finally learns Ember, I think I head over to the Gym of Gardenia. ;)

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Ewww Pearl. Ponyta doesn't get Flame Wheel in that version. Level 16 Ember and 19 Stomp I believe. Good luck -_-
Yes, I noticed that too, when Ponyta learned Fire Spin at level 25! Haha, it is a total bummer, indeed! Although, you know me... I can get around with that kind of things. I started to like my green Zubat too much, too, so I did not let it evolve until now (she is at level 28 at the moment). On the other hand, Maylene's Lucario could better watch it, for Ponyta can incinerate it with Fire Blast. :) I am going to buy that TM now in that Department Store of Veilstone. It is an absolute recommendation if you have nothing else for Lucario. They share the same speed tier, so with good luck you may begin with Fire Blasting, before Lucario strikes back with something else. My Ponyta has a Rash nature, so I hope I can get an advantage of that.

Well, to keep things a bit shorter now, I am going to defeat Maylene, for it seems I have to that first. ;)

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platinum im trying to get a shiny with my team all lvl 70 of (used these in singer player aswell)

torterra luxray steelix siczor togikiss and vaporeon

Dimond: new file getting to 7th gym and training pokemon my team :

empoleon leval 42 crobat level 42 rosarade level 41 drapion (of course) level 41 raichu (suprisingly good) level 41 and sneasel level 32 (just caught)

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