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Legality of Pal Parked Pokemon


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I am having trouble making legal pal parked pokemon in pokesav.

I keep having problems with trash bytes. I am using the southern island latios as a base because it has the correct trash byte and is a pal parked pokemon from emerald. Now, I can edit anything in the .pkm file and it stays legal, Untill I change its name. Once I change the name the trash bytes are invalid. Can anyone help me?

also when i use a random PID as if the pokemon was bread, it shows its type as a Unknow GBA Type. Is that right?

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oh I see , thx

anyway thx for the trashbyte guide ..

it's really a great guide ^^ .. i learned it yesterday night .. and successfully making legal GBA pokemon migrated to each of the country ...

anyway ... is it possible to migrate 3rd gen US/EU games to DS korean game???

because i know that nintendo doesn't release GBA korean pokemon games

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