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Nature Code?

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Yeah so I'm tired of soft-reseting to get this specific nature because it just doesn't want to show.

(Starter pokemon chimchar - jolly)

Anyways I tried the nature code for Jolly but it doesn't work. I keep on getting not jolly. What am I doing wrong.

I enable the code, then click on the briefcase then pick chimchar then I check his/her stats and it's not jolly.

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It's not the WPM code because you don't have the calculator that early in the game.

It's the other one.

Nature Codes

Hardy =

1207404C 00002400

Lonely +A -D

1207404C 00002401

Brave +A -S

1207404C 00002402

Adamant +A -SA

1207404C 00002403

Naughty +A -SD

1207404C 00002404

Bold +D -A

1207404C 00002405

Docile =

1207404C 00002406

Relaxed +D -S

1207404C 00002407

Impish +D -SA

1207404C 00002408

Lax +D -SD

1207404C 00002409

Timid +S -A

1207404C 0000240A

Hasty +S -D

1207404C 0000240B

Serious =

1207404C 0000240C

Jolly +S -SA

1207404C 0000240D

Naive +S -SD

1207404C 0000240E

Modest +SA -A

1207404C 0000240F

Mild +SA -D

1207404C 00002410

Quiet +SA -S

1207404C 00002411

Bashful =

1207404C 00002412

Rash +SA -SD

1207404C 00002413

Calm +SD -A

1207404C 00002414

Gentle +SD -D

1207404C 00002415

Sassy +SD -S

1207404C 00002416

Careful +SD -SA

1207404C 00002417

Quirky =

1207404C 00002418

Those codes are so when they are enabled any pokemon you encounter will have that nature right? And if that is true then how come it is not working.

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